Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences

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Department of Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences

Chair’s Welcome

The Department of Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences offers Bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry, Electronic Systems Engineering Technology, and Mathematics and Bachelor’s and Masters degrees in Water Resources Sciences and Technology. In addition we offer introductory courses in geology/geography and physics in support of other majors. The Institute for Water Resources Science and Technology conducts sponsored research and community outreach on water resources.

As a multidisciplinary department, we take an integrative approach to the instruction of students, with emphases on engaged learning through small class sizes, laboratory classes with experiential learning opportunities, and internship opportunities. Project-based learning also occurs in our department via directed research opportunities pursued by students working directly with professors on topical research problems. Our degree programs prepare students for direct entry into the workplace, teacher certification, or preparation for graduate or other professional school programs (e.g. medical school, dental school, and other allied health-related programs).  To that end, we have also developed a special committee of faculty that specifically advise students interested in health-related careers, i.e. the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC). This committee guides our students on the pathway to health professions careers. Regardless of pathway, we emphasize critical thinking in our teaching, and we encourage our students to become life-long learners.

It is an exciting time to enroll at Texas A&M University-San Antonio! We have a new Science and Technology building with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for teaching and research, and the campus is expanding every semester as we strive to help our students achieve their educational and career goals.

K. Balasubramanya, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Mathematical, Physical, and Engineering Sciences
Phone: (210) 784-2224
Office: Science and Technology Building, 311 G
One University Way
San Antonio, TX 78224

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