Welcome to Mathematics!

Mathematics has been described in myriad ways similar to how a piece of magnificent art is interpreted by its many beholders. One underlying theme is, indeed, that mathematics offers a way of thinking about, and engaging in, the world in which we live.

At Texas A&M University-San Antonio, the mathematics program recognizes the need for providing a diverse and enriching experience that helps students to learn the theoretical foundations and practical applications of mathematics as they relate to their professional interests and a growing understanding of how they are to participate as competent and responsible contributors to their communities. The program thus offers students an opportunity to learn beyond their initial expectations, to grow academically amidst life’s challenges, and to appreciate the university experience at Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

Program elements help students explore essential concepts of mathematics and a breadth of applications that prepare them for future challenges. TAMU-SA mathematics program faculty is dedicated to working with mathematics students to help them succeed in their academic goals.

“For the things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics.”
- Roger Bacon

For more information contact:

Dr. Burak Aksoylu, Mathematics Program Coordinator
(210) 784-2428

Dr. Mirley Balasubramanya, Department Chair
(210) 784-2224