At the heart of San Antonio is the iconic River Walk. The 15-mile waterway is the largest urban ecosystem in the nation and provides the City of San Antonio with countless opportunities to explore, dine and, experience the rich culture of South Texas. The river has always been at the heart of the city. Since 1890, when the first walls were established to control the flow of the river and until now, the river has always been at the heart of the city and its culture. However, a catastrophic storm in 1921 dropped 17 inches of rain into the Olmos Basin and caused 12 feet of water to flood downtown. This centennial flood caused Mayor John Tobin to stimulate the first phase of development on the river to mitigate the challenges of the basin. What started as a flood control project quickly became bundled as an economic development initiative, because of the rivers abundances of resources provided to the community and the economy.

Location: 849 E. Commerce St, San Antonio, Texas 78205 (Downtown section of River Walk)