Science and Technology Building

1st Floor

Music in a Dream
by Brother Cletus Behlman

Mariachi Group
by Brother Cletus Behlman

San Antonio Fandango Collaborative Series
by Charles Harrison Pompa & Maureen 'Momo' Brown


In the Eye of the Beholder Gallery
 Rotating Exhibit

ART OF FOUR African American Artists
Maria Williams, curator:

‘We See,’ ‘Strength #1,’ ‘Strength #2,’
‘I See Me,’ and ‘Drifting Through,’

by Wardell Picquet

‘Woman on Gold Fabric,’ ‘Waves,’ ‘Collage Male,’ ‘Skin Tone and Hoop Earrings,’ and  ‘Dreads’
by Kaldric Dow

 ‘Backbone,’ and ‘To the Midnight Son’
by Scott Kengart

2nd Floor

Rock Art
by Maureen "Momo" Brown

Jaguar on my Shoulder: Texas A&M on my Mind
by Kathy Sosa 

Jardin Azul on my Mind
by Kathy Sosa

Seeing Double on my Mind
by Kathy Sosa

Verde: Garden Aviary on my Mind
by Kathy Sosa

3rd Floor

Distillation of Research
by Roger Flores

US Stamp
by Roger Flores