Texas A&M System-wide Pay Grades

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On December 1, 2016, the Texas A&M System implemented a standardized collection of titles and salaries designed to be used for staff across the System. This collection of titles is the Texas A&M System-wide Pay Plan, and it enables all System Member institutions and agencies to have access to consistent information for new and existing employees.

Job titles, title codes, FLSA exemption status and pay ranges for titles used on our campus are available through the links below. Due to the high number of available titles not all System titles are listed here.  Standardized titles and job descriptions are available, and can be accessed by contacting the Human Resources office. 


The process of creating the System-wide Pay Plan began in 2014 with the aid of the PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Pwc) consulting group following an audit.  In an effort to streamline staff titles and promote efficient administration and consistency among System Members, The Texas A&M University System engaged PwC to develop a new pay plan with titles and pay structures for staff positions. The purpose of this plan was to reduce the overall number of titles used across the Texas A&M System and to promote consistency and efficient administration of compensation processes for all Texas A&M System Members.

The new titles and pay structures became effective December 1, 2016.

System-wide Pay Plan Titles

The Texas A&M System-wide Pay Plan is administered by the Pay Plan Administration Committee and the Pay Plan Administrator at the System level. Each pay plan classification has associated with it a job title, title code, salary pay grade, FLSA exemption status, and job family.

Staff Employees

The System-wide Pay Plan, effective December 1, 2016 includes title codes, title descriptions, standardized job descriptions (JDs) and assigned pay grades for all staff positions that are included in the Pay Plan. This includes most staff positions at Texas A&M University and all Texas A&M System Member institutions and agencies.

Staff positions that are excluded from the Pay Plan include Board-appointed executive titles and senior management titles, coaches and others. All titles that are part of the Pay Plan as well as a list of excluded titles are posted online.

Faculty, Faculty-equivalent Research, Graduate Assistant, Student and Other Excluded Positions

Positions in these categories are excluded from the System-wide Pay Plan, and therefore will not have a standardized job description or assigned pay grade.

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Title CodeTitle DescriptionPay GradeFLSA Code Description
9270Academic Advisor I7Exempt - Administrative
9271Academic Advisor II8Exempt - Administrative
9272Academic Advisor III9Exempt - Administrative
9273Academic Advisor IV10Exempt - Administrative
9275Academic Success Coach II9Exempt - Administrative
9279Accommodations Counselor9Exempt - Administrative
7068Adjunct FacultyExcludedExempt - Professional
1128Administrative Associate III5Non-exempt
1129Administrative Associate IV6Non-exempt
1130Administrative Associate V7Non-exempt
1131Administrative Coordinator I8Exempt - Administrative
1132Administrative Coordinator II9Exempt - Administrative
8962Admissions Counselor I7Non-exempt
8963Admissions Counselor II8Exempt - Administrative
8964Admissions Counselor III9Exempt - Administrative
8965Admissions Operations Analyst9Exempt - Administrative
3006Admissions Specialist I3Non-exempt
3007Admissions Specialist II4Non-exempt
8105Assistant Chief of Police P1616Exempt-Executive
8037Assistant Comptroller14Exempt - Administrative
9803Assistant Director P1111Exempt - Administrative
6022Assistant Director P1212Exempt - Administrative
8073Assistant Director, Admissions12Exempt - Administrative
8155Assistant Director, Advising Services11Exempt - Administrative
8040Assistant Director, Business Services13Exempt - Administrative
8156Assistant Director, Career Services11Exempt - Administrative
8001Assistant Director, Educational Services11Exempt - Administrative
8090Assistant Director, Information Technology76Exempt - Administrative
9172Assistant Director, Procurement & Disbursement13Exempt - Administrative
8118Assistant Director, University Services12Exempt - Administrative
7116Assistant Professional TrackExcludedExempt - Professional
7120Assistant ProfessorExcludedExempt - Professional
8496Assistant ProvostExcludedExempt - Executive
8075Assistant Registrar P1010Exempt - Administrative
8311Assistant Vice President, Enrollment ManagementExcludedExempt - Executive
8413Assistant Vice President, Student AffairsExcludedExempt - Executive
7991Assistive Technology Specialist II11Exempt - Administrative
7208Associate Dean & ProfessorExcludedExempt - Professional
8100Associate Director P1414Exempt - Administrative
3011Associate Director, Financial Aid13Exempt - Administrative
8091Associate Director, Information Technology77Exempt - Administrative
7220Associate Professional TrackExcludedExempt - Professional
7224Associate Professional ProfessorExcludedExempt - Professional
7240Associate Professor & ChairExcludedExempt - Professional
8587Associate Vice President for Finance and ControllerExcludedExempt - Executive
9366Business Administrator I11Exempt - Administrative
8783Business Administrator II12Exempt - Administrative
8784Business Administrator III13Exempt - Administrative
1416Business Assistant I3Non-exempt
1417Business Assistant II4Non-exempt
8786Business Coordinator II9Exempt - Administrative
9173Buyer I7Exempt - Administrative
9281Career Advisor8Exempt - Administrative
9211Certification Coordinator III12Exempt - Administrative
8323Chief Human Resources OfficerExcludedExempt - Administrative
8480Chief Information OfficerExcludedExempt - Executive
8357Chief of PoliceExcludedExempt - Executive
8012Chief of Staff I17Exempt - Administrative
9473Client Technologies Analyst II68Exempt - Administrative
8509Compliance Officer III15Exempt - Administrative
3410Computer Support Specialist61Non-exempt
9282Coordinator, Disability Services10Exempt - Administrative
8709Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness P99Exempt - Administrative
9292Coordinator, Student Services10Exempt - Administrative
8711Coordinator, Tutoring Services P1010Exempt - Administrative
9478Database Administrator II71Exempt - Administrative
9480Database Administrator IV73Exempt - Administrative
8646DeanExcludedExempt - Executive
9426Development Officer III11Exempt - Administrative
9427Development Officer IV12Exempt - Administrative
7376Director of Graduate StudiesExcludedExempt - Administrative
8320Director, (ORP Eligible)ExcludedExempt - Executive
8417Director, Academic AdvisingExcludedExempt - Administrative
8313Director, AdmissionsExcludedExempt - Administrative
8283Director, Alumni AffairsExcludedExempt - Administrative
8205Director, AssessmentExcludedExempt - Executive
8235Director, Business ServicesExcludedExempt - Administrative
8421Director, Career ServicesExcludedExempt - Administrative
8422Director, CounselingExcludedExempt - Administrative
8423Director, Disability ServicesExcludedExempt - Administrative
8332Director, Distance Learning and Instructional TechnologyExcludedExempt - Administrative
8305Director, Facilities and ConstructionExcludedExempt - Administrative
8377Director, InstituteExcludedExempt - Executive
8379Director, Institutional ResearchExcludedExempt - Administrative
8425Director, International Student ServicesExcludedExempt - Administrative
8255Director, Marketing and CommunicationsExcludedExempt - Administrative
8209Director, OperationsExcludedExempt - Administrative
8626Director, Procurement Services and HUB CoordinatorExcludedExempt - Executive
8221Director, Recreational SportsExcludedExempt - Administrative
8405Director, Research and Sponsored ProgramsExcludedExempt - Administrative
8428Director, Student ActivitiesExcludedExempt - Administrative
8432Director, Student Financial AssistanceExcludedExempt - Administrative
8434Director, Student Support ServicesExcludedExempt - Administrative
8356Director, Veterans ServicesExcludedExempt - Administrative
3417End User Support Specialist II67Exempt - Administrative
1150Executive Assistant I9Exempt - Administrative
8741Executive Assistant II11Exempt - Administrative
8321Executive DirectorExcludedExempt - Executive
8437Executive Director, Academic AdvisingExcludedExempt - Executive
8929Facilities Coordinator I8Exempt - Administrative
7650Federal College Work Study-Student1Non-exempt
8969Financial Aid Advisor II9Exempt - Administrative
8796Financial Analyst I11Exempt - Administrative
8797Financial Analyst II13Exempt - Administrative
8798Financial Analyst III P1414Exempt - Administrative
8800Financial Management Supervisor I11Exempt - Administrative
1450Financial Specialist III8Non-exempt
9003Graduate Assistant - Non-Teaching1Non-exempt
9004Graduate Assistant - Research1Exempt - Professional
3206Human Resources Generalist I8Non-exempt
8997Immigration Coordinator11Exempt - Administrative
9487Infrastructure Administrator III70Exempt - Administrative
9463Instructional Designer II9Exempt - Administrative
7520InstructorExcludedExempt - Professional
7477Intern I1Non-exempt
9297International Student Advisor II8Exempt - Administrative
8770Intramural Sports Coordinator10Exempt - Administrative
1454Inventory & Property Control Coordinator III11Exempt - Administrative
9491IT Business Analyst III70Exempt - Administrative
9497IT Manager III72Exempt - Administrative
9498IT Manager IV74Exempt - Administrative
3032Lead Document Imaging Specialist6Non-Exempt
3624Laboratory Technician6Non-exempt
3326Learning Support Specialist I8Non-exempt
7628LecturerExcludedExempt - Professional
8622Librarian IIExcludedExempt - Professional
8623Librarian IIIExcludedExempt - Professional
8624Librarian IVExcludedExempt - Professional
8625Librarian VExcludedExempt - Professional
4017Library Associate II9Non-exempt
4023Library Associate I4Non-exempt
4025Library Specialist III6Non-exempt
9000Manager, Compensation and Recruitment14Exempt - Administrative
8846Manager, Creative13Exempt - Administrative
9098Manager, Digital Resources12Exempt - Administrative
8978Manager, Event Services9Exempt - Administrative
9056Manager, Instructional Design12Exempt - Administrative
9534Manager, Laboratory12Exempt - Administrative
9338Manager, Parking Services10Exempt - Administrative
9505Network Analyst III70Exempt - Administrative
9509Network Engineer III71Exempt - Administrative
1470Payroll Specialist II5Non-exempt
1471Payroll Specialist III6Non-exempt
4363Police Communications Officer I6Non-exempt
4365Police Communications Officer III8Non-exempt
4369Police Investigator P1111Non-exempt
4373Police Officer I9Non-exempt
4374Police Officer II10Non-exempt
4375Police Officer III11Non-exempt
4377Police Officer IV12Non-exempt
4382Police Sergeant P1313Non-exempt
8630Postdoctoral Research AssociateExcludedExempt - Professional
8610PresidentExcludedExempt - Executive
9187Procurement Card Coordinator8Exempt - Administrative
4643Procurement Card Specialist5Non-exempt
9693Professional Counselor II12Exempt - Professional
9694Professional Counselor III13Exempt - Professional
1031Professional Tutors1Non-exempt
7100ProfessorExcludedExempt - Professional
7720Professor & Associate ChairExcludedExempt - Professional
7728Professor & ChairExcludedExempt - Professional
4515Program Assistant P77Non-exempt
4516Program Coordinator I P55Exempt - Administrative
4517Program Coordinator I P99Exempt - Administrative
9149Program Coordinator II P1414Exempt - Administrative
4521Program Specialist II9Exempt - Administrative
9153Project Coordinator IV11Exempt - Administrative
9156Project Manager III14Exempt - Administrative
8540Project Manager IV15Exempt - Administrative
9159Project Specialist II12Exempt - Administrative
8464Provost and Vice PresidentExcludedExempt - Executive
8560Psychologist IExcludedExempt - Professional
1173Records Specialist II6Non- exempt
8078RegistrarExcludedExempt - Executive
9453Registrar Services Specialist8Exempt - Administrative
9598Research and Reporting Analyst10Exempt - Administrative
8544Research Assistant5Exempt - Professional
9409Research Compliance Administrator12Exempt - Professional
9410Research Compliance Coordinator9Exempt - Administrative
9413Risk and Compliance Coordinator9Exempt - Administrative
9516Senior Data Analyst69Exempt - Administrative
9042Senior Employee Benefits Representative11Exempt - Administrative
9523Software Applications Developer III71Exempt - Administrative
9524Software Applications Developer IV73Exempt - Administrative
8755Special Assistant17Exempt - Administrative
1333Specialist, Recreational Sports8Non-exempt
7659State of Texas College Work Study-Student1Non-exempt
8727Student Assessment Coordinator9Exempt - Administrative
9329Student Conduct Officer10Exempt - Administrative
9330Student Development Specialist II9Exempt - Administrative
7635Student Intern1Non-exempt
7678Student Research Assistant1Non-exempt
7682Student Tutor 1Non-exempt
7755Student Tutor I1Non-exempt
7754Student Tutor II1Non-exempt
7558Student Worker 1Non-exempt
7621Student Worker I1Non-exempt
7622Student Worker II1Non-exempt
1043Supervisor, Testing6Non-exempt
9527Systems Administrator II69Exempt - Administrative
9529Systems Administrator IV72Exempt - Administrative
7892Teaching SpecialistExcludedExempt - Professional
9422Title IX Coordinator P1818Exempt - Administrative
1049Transcript Specialist6Non-exempt
1050Tutor I4Non-exempt
9134Veterans Affairs Coordinator8Exempt - Administrative
8685Vice President for Advancement and External RelationsExcludedExempt - Executive
9780Vice President for Enrollment and Academic ServicesExcludedExempt - Executive
8683Vice President for Finance and AdministrationExcludedExempt - Executive
8659Vice President for Student AffairsExcludedExempt - Executive
8660Vice ProvostExcludedExempt - Executive
7948Visiting Assistant ProfessorExcludedExempt - Professional
7968Visiting ProfessorExcludedExempt - Professional
9073Web Applications Developer I68Exempt - Administrative
9074Web Applications Developer II69Exempt - Administrative