Wellness Program

Mission Statement

Jaguar Strong-Get Fit wellness program encourages A&M-San Antonio employees’ personal and professional productivity, and physical and mental well-being. The mission of the Jaguar Strong-Get Fit Wellness Program shall be aimed at creating a continuous healthy campus by implementing the following: nutrition & health, fitness, financial wellness, and lifestyle.

Wellness Wheel and You!

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Emotional  Wellness  is maintaining a healthy emotional life for overall health.

Environmental  Wellness  involves taking care of your global environment and your personal surroundings.

Financial  Wellness emulates taking steps to live within your financial means and living in and planning for future financial health.

Holistic  Wellness is a way of addressing out health and wellbeing by taking into consideration the whole person, body, mind, spirit, and community.

Intellectual  Wellness means staying curious and engaged in learning new things. 

Physical  Wellness involves moving your body (exercise), eating well balanced (nutrition), sleeping, managing stress, receiving preventive medical and dental care.

Social  Wellness involves having a strong social network which can provide one with support and guidance when one is feeling stressed or needs stress relief.  

A&M-SA lands first national Well Work Place Award!

The A&M-SA,  Jaguar Strong-Get Fit wellness program received the national  Well Work Place Silver Award for 2020! The  Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) recognizes organizations that have used the patented  7 Benchmarks model to help build and shape their wellness program. A&M-SA was the  only organization in Texas to receive this stellar award and only one in eighteen nationwide. This is a huge win for our university, as we stand tall in the midst of a pandemic as an organization that enhances the health and well-being of our faculty and staff.

Wellness Program Contacts

Mia Cisneros
Human Resources Generalist III - Benefits & Wellness
(210) 784-2051
Jessica Solis
Human Resources Generalist II - Benefits & Wellness
(210) 784-2057
Jennifer Valdez
Human Resources Generalist I - Benefits & Wellness
(210) 784-2052
Alyssa Mora
Student Office Assistant II - Benefits & Wellness
(210) 784-2068