Employee Relations

Employee Relations


Texas A&M University-San Antonio is committed to assisting staff and faculty members with issues in the work place.  The Texas A&M University System policies and regulations have been designed to assist in addressing conflict and issues.  Employee Relations seeks to address and resolve workplace issues through productive and open dialogue.  We are available to provide guidance and advice to employees and supervisors on general or specific matters including performance management, interpretation of policies, disciplinary actions, or other related employee or departmental-specific needs.

Complaint and Appeal Form for Nonfaculty Employees

In accordance with Standard Administrative Procedure 32.01.02: Complaint and Appeal Process for Nonfaculty Employees, Employee Relations is providing the Complaint and Appeal form, see the File a Grievance below.  The Complaint and Appeal Form can be used for informal or formal complaints.

File a Grievance

Faculty Grievances

The process for addressing faculty grievances against other faculty or faculty administrators, not related to discrimination, are addressed in the Faculty Handbook, the link to the Faculty Handbook can be found on the Faculty Resources page.

Before filing a formal grievance, faculty members are encouraged to discuss grievances with their respective department chair or college dean. If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily in that manner, faculty member can file a formal grievance. 

A&M System Regulation 32.01.01, Complaint and Appeal Procedure for Faculty Members

A&M System Policy 12.01, Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure

A&M San Antonio Procedure, 32.01.01.O1.01, Complaint and Appeal Procedure for Faculty Members

Sexual Misconduct

For Title IX options, interim measures, and sexual misconduct procedures, contact Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Joni Baker at

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