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Faculty Senate

The mission of the Faculty Senate of Texas A&M University-San Antonio is to foster acommunity of mutual respect and cooperation within the University by facilitating effective faculty participation in academic governance by providing a means by which faculty may communicate their views in matters of concern to the university. The Faculty Senate provides an organization through which the expertise, experience, and

University Academic Affairs Committees

This resource provides a current list of university-wide standing Academic Affairs committees, their sponsors, purposes, composition, officers, and members. This site is intended to help assure effective rotation of representation for various groups, avoid vacancies and redundancies, and provide information to committee members and others about committee responsibilities and representation.

Criteria for inclusion on this official listing of Texas A&M University-San Antonio standing committees:

  • Committee members represent a broad range of university constituents
  • The activities of the committee have broad or significant impact within the university
  • For information about task forces and other temporary groups, contact the sponsoring division

Please send updates and corrections to

Academic Standing Committee
Common Read
Committee Core Curriculum Committee
Faculty Awards Committee
First-Year Seminar
Foster Services Committee
General Studies
Graduate Council Committee
Honors Committee
Institutional Animal Care and Use
Institutional Bio Safety
Institutional Review Board
International Committee
Learning Communities Committee
Library Committee
Quantity Reasoning Committee
Research Council
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee


Charles (Matt) Watson

Vice President

Daniel Delgado


Martha Saywell


Irvin (Butch) Miller

University Ombudsperson

Dr. Gary Coulton