Student Research Symposium

at Texas A&M University–San Antonio

May 4th & 5th, 2018

SAVE THE DATE and Please join us at the Student Research Symposium!!!
Over 250 students have represented the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, and Education departments in the last three years.  There are oral and poster presentations on vast topics, guaranteed to peak your interest.  In 2018, the city of San Antonio will be celebrating its 300th anniversary. The San Antonio Tricentennial Celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be commemorated with a year-long calendar of events, activities and innovative initiatives. Texas A&M University-San Antonio will be hosting several events during this year of celebration, and the 4th Annual Student Research Symposium will be one of them.

Current Undergraduate and Graduate students are encouraged to present their research at the 2018 Student Research Symposium. This is a unique opportunity to gain the experience and confidence for careers in chosen fields and to pursue advanced degrees. This looks great on a resume or personal portfolio, and also an incredible occasion for networking with others in select fields. 
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Student Research Symposium Registration will open Spring 2018.  Registration Deadline is set for March 30, 2018.

Student Research Symposium Program Schedule
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Presentation Formats

Poster Session
Poster sessions will be held throughout the conference. Poster sessions allow participants to present individual papers with key excerpts from the papers displayed on large boards. The audience circulates among posters and stops to discuss papers of particular interest with the authors. Authors should be present with their posters in order to answer questions and describe their research to interested audience members, but the authors will not make a formal speech or presentation.

Oral Presentation
In an oral presentation, students will present a 15 minute talk on a topic of interest to an audience. Conference organizers will group talks on similar topics together into hour-long session in which several student speakers will present their research. Students may use technology such as PowerPoint if they wish but are not obligated to do so (please indicate whether you will need such technology on your submission). Students will speak for the allotted time and take questions from audience members once the talk has concluded. If desired, several students may co-host a talk together.

Roundtable Session
In a roundtable session, a group of three to five panelists would prepare short remarks on a given topic of interest, while a moderator would prepare questions to ask the panelists. The session should generate spontaneous interaction among panelists and between panelists and the audience. Diversity among panelists is important to the success of the session. Further, all panelists must recognize the need for advance preparation. A roundtable proposal should describe the topic that will be addressed by the panel as well as central themes and potential questions; identify the format of the session; and name a student or faculty moderator as well as student panelists.

For more information:
Student Research Symposium Planning Committee chaired by Dr. Josephine Sosa-Fey 

Student Research Symposium 2018 Committee Members