Rules and Procedures

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01. Governance 16. Compliance - General 29. Information Resources
02. Organization of System 17. Intellectual Property 31. Compensation and Benefits
03. Statements of Mission and Objectives 18. Athletics 32. Employee Relations
07. Ethics 21. General Finance 33. Employment, Standards of Conduct
08. Civil Rights Protections and Compliance 22. Asset Management 34. Safety of Employees and Students
09. Litigation and Administration 23. Debt Management 41. Real Property
10. Internal Audit 24. Risk Management 51. Facilities Planning and Construction
11. Centers, Degrees and Programs 25. Expenditure of Funds 60. Relationships with Financial Support Organizations
12. Faculty 26. Tuition and Fees 61. Information and Communications
13. Students 27. Financial Planning and Budgeting
15. Research Programs 28. Auxiliary Enterprise, Privatization, etc.  


01. Governance

PDF Title
System Policy 01.01 System Policies, Regulations, and Member Rules  and Procedures
System Regulation 01.01.01 Format for Policies, Regulations, Rules and Procedures
System Policy 01.03 Appointing Power and Terms and Conditions of Employment

02 . Organization of System

PDF Title
System Policy 02.01   Board of Regents
System Policy 02.02   Office of the Chancellor
System Regulation 02.02.01   Vice Chancellor for Agriculture and Life Sciences and Vice Chancellor for Engineering
System Policy 02.03   System Administration
System Policy 02.04   System Members of The Texas A&M University System
System Policy 02.05   Presidents of System Member Universities
System Policy 02.06   Directors of System Member Agencies
System Policy 02.08   System Expansion

03. Statements of Mission and Objectives

PDF Title
System Policy 03.01   System Mission, Vision, Core Values and Strategic Planning
System Policy 03.02   Academic Mission Statements and Tables of Programs
System Regulation 03.02.02   Approval System System Policies for Degree Programs, Administrative Changes, Etc.

07. Ethics

PDF Title
System Policy 07.01 Ethics
A&M-San Antonio Procedure   Purchasing Authorities Standards of Conduct (F) Gift Acquisition Record (F) Gift Log Form
System Policy   07.02 Texas Higher Education Fair Lending Practices
A&M-San Antonio Procedure   Fair Lending Practices
System Policy 07.03 Conflicts of Interest, Dual Office Holding and Political Activities
System Regulation 07.03.01 Political Campaign Events on Property Under the Control of The Texas A&M University System
A&M-San Antonio Rule Political Campaign Events on Property Under the Control of Texas A&M University-San Antonio
System Policy 07.04 Benefits, Gifts and Honoraria

08. Civil Rights Protections and Compliance

PDF Title
System Policy 08.01   Civil Rights Protections and Compliance
System Regulation 08.01.01   Civil Rights Compliance
A&M-San Antonio Rule Civil Rights Compliance
A&M-San Antonio Rule Expressive Activity on Campus
Appendix to A&M-San Antonio Rule Security Cost Protocol for Expressive Activity

09. Litigation and Administration

PDF Title
System Policy 09.01   Power to Bind the System
System Policy 09.02   Use of System Names and Indicia
System Policy 09.04   Litigation
System Regulation 09.04.01   Legal Counsel and Attorney General Opinion Requests
System Policy 09.05   Financial Disclosure on Official System Websites

10. Internal Audit

PDF Title
System Policy 10.01   Internal Auditing
System Policy 10.02 Control of Fraud, Waste and Abuse
System Regulation 10.02.01   Control of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

11. Centers, Degrees and Programs

PDF Title
System Policy 11.01   Collaboration Among System Academic Institutions
System Policy 11.02   Creation of Centers and Institutes
System Policy 11.03 Shortened Courses
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  
Shortened Courses
System Policy 11.04 Admissions Standards
System Policy 11.05   Recruitment and Admission of Transfer Students
System Policy 11.06   Core Curriculum
System Policy 11.07 Granting of Honorary Degrees
A&M-San Antonio Procedure   Honorary Degrees
System Policy 11.08   Award of Posthumous Degrees
A&M-San Antonio Rule Award of Posthumous Degrees
System Policy 11.09 Low-Producing Degree Programs
System Policy 11.10 Academic Programs Requests
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Substantive Change

12. Faculty

PDF Title
System Policy 12.01   Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure
A&M-San Antonio Rule Academic Freedom, Responsibility and Tenure
A&M-San Antonio Rule 12.01.01.O1 Requirements for Implementing Tenure
A&M-San Antonio Appendix 12.01.01.O1.A Appendix to Requirements for Implementing Tenure
System Policy 12.02   Institutional Procedures for Implementing Tenure
System Policy 12.03   Faculty Academic Workload and Reporting Requirements
A&M-San Antonio Rule  Faculty Workload
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Faculty Workload
System Policy 12.04   Academic Council/Faculty Senate
System Policy 12.05   Training for English Proficiency
System Policy 12.06   Post-Tenure Review of Faculty
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Post-Tenure Review of Faculty
System Policy 12.07   Fixed Term Academic Professional Track Faculty
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Fixed Term Academic Professional Track Faculty
A&M-San Antonio Guideline Academic Professional-Track Faculty Guidelines
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Librarian Faculty Fixed Term Appointments
System Regulation   12.99.01   Faculty Development Leave
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Faculty Development Leave

13. Students

PDF Title
System Policy 13.02   Student Rights and Obligations
System Policy 13.03   Texas Public Educational Grants
System Policy 13.04   Student Travel
A&M-San Antonio Rule Student Travel
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Student Travel

15. Research Programs

PDF Title
System Policy 15.01   Research Agreements
System Regulation 15.01.01   Sponsored Agreements - Research and Other
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Administration of Sponsored Agreements - Research and Other
System Regulation 15.01.02   Federal Procurement Integrity Act
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Federal Procurement Integrity Act
15.01.02.O0.01 (F)  Federal Procurement Integrity Act Certification Form
System Regulation 15.01.03   Conflict of Interest in the Design, Conduct and Reporting of Sponsored Research and Educational Activities
A&M-San Antonio Rule Financial Conflicts of Interest in Sponsored Research
System Regulation 15.01.04 Time and Effort Reporting
System Regulation 15.01.05 Cost Sharing on Sponsored Agreements
System Policy 15.02   Export Controls
A&M-San Antonio Rule Export Controls
Program Manual Export Controls
System Regulation 15.99.01   Use of Human Participants in Research
A&M-San Antonio Rule Use of Human Subjects in Research
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Human Subjects in Research
System Regulation 15.99.02   Classified Information
System Regulation 15.99.03   Ethics in Research and Scholarship
A&M-San Antonio Rule Ethics in Research, Scholarship and Creative Work
System Regulation 15.99.05 Research Compliance
System Regulation 15.99.06 Use of Biohazards in Research, Teaching and Testing
System Regulation 15.99.07 Use of Vertebrate Animals
A&M-San Antonio Rule 15.99.07.O1 Use of Vertebrate Animals
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Animals on University-Controlled Property
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Flags at Half-Staff

16. Compliance - General

PDF Title
System Policy 16.01   System Ethics and Compliance Program
System Regulation 16.01.01   System Ethics and Compliance

17. Intellectual Property

PDF Title
System Policy 17.01   Intellectual Property Management and Commercialization
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Technology-Mediated Instruction

18. Athletics

PDF Title
System Policy 18.01   Athletic Council
System Policy 18.02   Principles for Intercollegiate Athletics Participation
System Policy 18.03   Post-Season Athletics Competition

21. General Finance

PDF Title
System Policy 21.01   Financial Policies, Systems and Procedures
System Regulation 21.01.01   Financial Accounting and Reporting
System Regulation 21.01.02   Receipt, Custody, and Deposit of Revenues
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Credit Card Collections
System Regulation 21.01.03   Disbursement of Funds
A&M-San Antonio Procedure   Disbursement of Funds
System Regulation 21.01.04   Extension of Credit
A&M-San Antonio Procedure   Extension of Credit
System Regulation 21.01.05   Service Departments or Centers
System Regulation 21.01.07   Agency Funds
A&M-San Antonio Procedure   Agency Funds
System Regulation 21.01.08   Vehicle Fleet Management
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Fleet Management
A&M-San Antonio Guideline Fleet Operational Guide
System Regulation 21.01.09   Fixed Asset Management
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Accountability and Responsibility of State Property
System Regulation 21.01.10   Surplus or Salvage Property
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Surplus, Salvage, or Cannibalized Property
System Regulation 21.01.11   Working Funds
System Regulation 21.01.12   Purchase of Food and Refreshments
System Policy 21.05   Gifts, Donations, Grants and Endowments
System Regulation 21.05.01   Gifts, Donations, Grants and Endowments
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Accepting Gifts, Donations, Grants and Endowments
System Regulation 21.05.02   Reporting of Foreign Gifts, Donations, Grants, Endowments and Contracts
21.99 General
System Regulation 21.99.04   Disposition of Abandoned and Unclaimed Personal Property
A&M-San Antonio Rule Lost, Found, Stolen, or Abandoned Property
System Regulation 21.99.09   Access to System Property for Sales Rentals and Soliciting Donations
A&M-San Antonio Guideline  Facility Usage Guideline
A&M-San Antonio Procedure
Travel Procedure

22. Asset Management

PDF Title Next Scheduled Review
System Policy 22.02   System Investment August 20, 2021

23. Debt Management

PDF Title
System Policy 23.02   Debt Management
System Regulation 23.02.02   Debt Management Procedures

24. Risk Management

PDF Title
System Policy 24.01   Risk Management
System Regulation 24.01.01  Risk Management Programs
System Regulation 24.01.04 Fire and Life Safety
A&M-San Antonio Plan Program Plan Fire & Life Safety Plan
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Risk Management Programs
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Supplemental Risk Management Standards - Return to Work and Fitness for Duty
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Reproductive Risks
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Personal Protective Equipment
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Industrial Hygiene
A&M-San Antonio Procedure

Ventilation Control
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Food Safety & Sanitation
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Student Safety Training
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Employee Safety Responsibility
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Visitor Safety
A&M-San Antonio Guideline Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
A&M-San Antonio Guideline Chemical Safety
A&M-San Antonio Guideline Program Guideline Laboratory Safety
Inspection form Laboratory Safety Inspection Form
A&M-San Antonio Guideline Program Guideline Hazard Communication Program
System Regulation 24.01.06   Programs for Minors
A&M-San Antonio Rule
Programs for Minors
System Regulation   24.01.07 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

25. Expenditure of Funds

PDF Title
System Policy 25.01   Use and Operation of System Aircraft
System Policy 25.06   Participation by Historically Underutilized Business
System Regulation 25.06.01   Historically Underutilized Business Program
A&M-San Antonio Rule Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Rule
System Policy 25.07   Contract Administration
A&M-San Antonio Rule Contract Administration
System Regulation 25.07.01   Contract Administration  Delegations and Reporting
A&M-San Antonio Guideline Agreement Initiation and Processing
System Regulation 25.07.03   Acquisition of Goods and/or Services
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Acquisition of Goods and/or Services
System Regulation 25.07.06   Interagency and Intrasystem Transactions
25.99 Miscellaneous
System Regulation 25.99.01   Chartering of Commercial Aircraft
System Regulation 25.99.09   Cellular Communication Devices and Services
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Communication Allowance for Cellular Communication Devices

26. Tuition and Fees

PDF Title
System Policy 26.01   Tuition and Fees
System Regulation 26.01.01   Chancellor's Delegation of Authority Related to Tuition and Fee Exemptions and Waivers
System Policy 26.99 General
System Regulation 26.99.01   Student Health Insurance
A&M-San Antonio Procedure   Student Health Insurance

27. Financial Planning and Budgeting

PDF Title
System Policy 27.02   Legislative Appropriation Requests
System Policy 27.03   Annual Operating Budget Process
System Policy 27.04   Budget Authorizations, Limitations and Delegations of Authority
System Regulation 27.04.01   Chancellor's Delegations of Authority Related to Budgets and Fiscal Changes
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Budget Operations

28. Auxiliary Enterprise, Privatization, etc.

PDF Title
System Policy 28.02   Educational Business Activities
System Policy 28.03   Vending Machines

29. Information Resources

PDF Title
System Policy 29.01   Information Resources
System Regulation 29.01.01   Information Resources Governance
System Regulation 29.01.02   Use of Licensed Software
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Software Licensing
System Regulation 29.01.03   Information Security
A&M-San Antonio Procedure  Information Security
A&M-San Antonio Standard IT Standards for All Users
A&M-San Antonio Standard Information Security Responsibilities of Owners and Custodians
System Regulation 29.01.04   Accessibility of Electronic and Information Resources
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Information Resources - State Web Sites

31. Compensation and Benefits

PDF Title
System Policy 31.01   Compensation
System Regulation 31.01.01   Compensation Administration
A&M-San Antonio Rule (F) Volunteer Request Form (F)   Volunteer Waiver
System Regulation 31.01.02   Fair Labor Standards
System Regulation 31.01.04   Longevity and Hazardous Duty Pay
System Regulation 31.01.05   Extended Pay Plan
System Regulation 31.01.06   State Employee Organization Membership Fees
System Regulation 31.01.07   Direct Deposit of Payroll Payments
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Direct Deposit of Payroll Payments
System Regulation 31.01.08   Merit Salary Increases
A&M-San Antonio Rule   Merit Salary Increases
System Regulation 31.01.09   Overtime
A&M-San Antonio Procedure   Overtime for Non-Faculty Employees
System Regulation 31.01.10   Service Awards
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Service Awards
System Policy 31.02   Employee Insurance and Retirement Benefits
System Regulation 31.02.01   Administration of Employee Benefit Programs
System Regulation 31.02.02   Group Insurance Programs
System Regulation 31.02.03   System Employee Benefits Advisory Committee
System Regulation 31.02.07   Unemployment Compensation Program
System Regulation 31.02.08   Retirement Programs
System Regulation 31.02.13 Wellness Programs
System Policy 31.03   Leaves of Absence
System Regulation 31.03.01   Vacation
System Regulation 31.03.02 Sick Leave
System Regulation 31.03.03 Leave of Absence With Pay
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Leave of Absence With Pay
System Regulation 31.03.04 Leave of Absence Without Pay
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Leave of Absence Without Pay
System Regulation 31.03.05 Family and Medical Leave
System Regulation 31.03.06 Military Leave and Service
System Policy 31.04 Holidays
System Regulation 31.04.01 System Holidays
System Policy 31.05 External Employment and Expert Witness
System Regulation 31.05.01 Faculty Consulting, External Employment, and Conflicts of Interest
A&M-San Antonio Rule Faculty Consulting, External Professional Employment, and Conflicts of Interest 
System Regulation 31.05.02 External Employment
A&M-San Antonio Procedure External Employment Procedure (F) External Employment Request Form (HR 202a)
System Regulation 31.05.03 Witnesses in Judicial Actions or Legislative Investigations
System Policy 31.06 Sick Leave Pool
System Regulation 31.06.01 Sick Leave Pool Administration
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Sick Leave Pool Administration
System Regulation 31.06.02 Sick Leave Donation
System Policy 31.07 Retirement
System Regulation 31.07.01 Retirement and Employment after Retirement
System Policy 31.08 Emeritus/Emerita Titles
System Regulation 31.08.01 Granting of Emeritus Status
A&M-San Antonio Rule Granting of Emeritus Status to Faculty and Staff
System Policy 31.99 General Benefits
System Regulation 31.99.01 Employees Registering as Students
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Employees Registering as Students (F) Designated Tuition and Fee Assistance Waiver Application

32. Employee Relations

PDF Title
System Policy 32.01 Employee Complaint and Appeal Procedures
System Regulation 32.01.01 Complaint and Appeal Procedures for Faculty Members
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Complaint and Appeal Procedure for Faculty Members
System Regulation 32.01.02 Complaint and Appeal Process for Non-faculty Employees
System Policy 32.02 Discipline and Dismissal of Employees
System Regulation 32.02.02 Discipline and Dismissal of Nonfaculty Employees
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Discipline and Dismissal of Nonfaculty Employees

33. Employment, Standards of Conduct

PDF Title
System Policy 33.03 Nepotism
System Policy 33.04 Use of System Resources
System Regulation 33.04.01 Use of System Resources for External Employment
System Regulation 33.04.02 Use of Telecommunication Services
System Policy 33.05 Employee Training
System Regulation 33.05.01 Use of Public Funds for Employee Training
System Regulation 33.05.02 Required Employee Training
A&M-San Antonio Rule Employee Training
System Policy 33.06 Hours of Work for Full-time Salaried Employees
System Regulation 33.06.01 Flexible Work Arrangements
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Flexible Work Schedules (F) Flexible Work Schedule Request Form
33.99 General Employment
System Regulation 33.99.01 Employment Practices
System Regulation 33.99.03 Performance Evaluations for Non-faculty Employees
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Performance Evaluations for Non-faculty Employees
System Regulation 33.99.04 Promotion, Transfer and Voluntary Moves
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Reclassifications and Transfers of Non-Faculty Employees (F) Degree Verification Authorization Form
System Regulation 33.99.05 Part-time Employment
System Regulation 33.99.06 Administration of Multiple Employment
System Regulation 33.99.07 Internal Faculty Consulting and Professional Services
System Regulation 33.99.08 Student Employment
A&M-San Antonio Rule Student Employment 
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Student Employment
System Regulation 33.99.09 Employment of Foreign Nationals
System Regulation 33.99.12 New Employee Processing
A&M-San Antonio Procedure New Employee Processing
System Regulation 33.99.14 Criminal History Record Information -- Employees and Applicants
A&M-San Antonio Rule Criminal History Record Information -- Employees and Applicants
System Regulation 33.99.15 Reduction in Force for non-faculty Employees
A&M-San Antonio Guideline 33.99.99-G1 Staff Employee Work Dress Standards

34. Safety of Employees and Students

PDF Title
System Policy 34.02 Drug and Alcohol Abuse
System Regulation 34.02.01 Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Rehabilitation Programs
A&M-San Antonio Rule Substance Abuse Prevention
System Policy 34.03 Alcoholic Beverages
System Regulation 34.04.03 HIV/AIDS in the Workplace and Learning Environment
System Policy 34.05 Smoking
A&M-San Antonio Rule Smoking and Tobacco Use
System Policy 34.06 Appointment, Commissioning and Authority of Peace Officers
System Regulation 34.06.01 System University Police Department Collaboration
System Regulation 34.06.02 Weapons
A&M-San Antonio Rule Carrying Concealed Handguns on Campus
A&M-San Antonio Guideline Prohibition of Licensed Carry on Campus (F1) Request for Prohibition of Licensed Carry Form
System Policy 34.07 Emergency Management
System Regulation 34.07.01 Emergency Management Plans
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Inclement Weather Closures
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Campus Security Surveillance
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Parking Fee, Registration of Vehicles and Permits

41. Real Property

PDF Title
System Policy 41.01 Real Property
System Regulation 41.01.01 Real Property

A&M-San Antonio Procedure Real Property

51. Facilities Planning and Construction

PDF Title
System Policy 51.01 Capital Planning
System Policy 51.02 Selection of Architect/Engineer Design Team, Design-Build Team and Construction Manager at Risk Firm
System Policy 51.03 Art Acquisitions for New and Renovated Facilities
System Policy 51.04 Delegations of Authority on Construction Projects
System Regulation 51.04.01 Chancellor's Delegation of Authority on Construction Projects
System Policy 51.05 Furnishing and Equipping New and Renovated Buildings
System Policy 51.06 Naming of Buildings and Other Entities
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Naming of Buildings and Other Entities 
System Policy 51.07 Preservation of Historic Properties
System Policy 51.08 Reversion of Unexpended Balances in Construction Projects

60. Relationships with Financial Support Organizations

PDF Title
System Policy 60.01 Relationships with Affiliated Organizations
System Regulation 60.01.01 Association With Affiliated Fund Raising Organizations
System Policy 60.02 Public Affairs
System Policy 60.03 Approval of Fees for the Texas A&M Foundation and Other System Member Foundations

61. Information and Communications

PDF Title
System Policy 61.01 Public Information Act Compliance
System Regulation 61.01.02 Public Information
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Public Information
61.99 Records Retention
System Regulation 61.99.01 Retention of State Records
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Records Management
A&M-San Antonio Procedure Social Media (F1) Social Media Admin Receipt (F2) Social Media Safe Practices and Tips