Dear Jaguars and Friends of the University, 

At Texas A&M University-San Antonio we are focused and committed to becoming a national model for student and academic success. The University will serve as an economic, research and social catalyst that will become nationally recognized for student and academic success, embracing all students, especially those from underrepresented communities. As a campus community, we recognize our role in delivering educational access and opportunities for student’s personal and educational growth.

The strategic plan is the product of an 18-month process that builds upon existing infrastructure, academic programming and student involvement . Abiding by the principles of shared governance and transparency, community members, faculty and staff participated in various town hall meetings to provide insights and feedback on the mission, core values, and goals that are needed to move the University forward. I am proud of our collective accomplishments and recognize the hard work and dedication of all those who were involved throughout the process.

A Strategic Planning Committee was also created and comprised of faculty and staff from across campus who were instrumental during the initial planning of what has now become our current Strategic Plan - Build. Impact. Transform. Through the foresight and thoughtful leadership, from the strategic planning committee members, the University is positioned to chart a future that takes into account trends most likely to influence the needs of our region and state.

A&M-SA’s core values are central to everything that is done across campus. Each word and definition were thoughtfully considered to ensure inclusivity of the broadest forms. The A&M-SA family strives for excellence above all else and does so with the highest standards of integrity. The University is student focused and utilizes intentional and innovative teaching and applied-learning methods to educate our diverse student body, enhance retention and encourage timely graduation. Through audacious thinking, our faculty and staff prepare students to create a better future. Opportunities exist for both traditional and non-traditional students. And through collaboration of various interdisciplinary approaches, students gain marketable skills contributing to a meaningful life and fulfilling career.

The strategic plan is designed to be a living document which outlines four strategic goals each aligned with measurable outcomes. A series of strategic initiatives will be defined each academic year in turn laying the foundation for successful achievement of the stated goals. It is important to know and understand that aligning operations and functions is essential to meeting the goals outlined in the strategic plan.

We remain focused on student academic success, building quality academic programs and engaging in partnerships that benefit faculty, staff and student engagement. Therefore, I invite you to review the University’s Strategic Plan – Build. Impact. Transform. - by clicking the link to the right.


Dr. Cynthia Teniente-Matson