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Information on academic standing and minimum GPA requirements for Graduate and Undergraduate students.

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Course Load

Undergraduate Students

Course load is normally 15-18 hours per fall and spring semesters. The normal load for a summer session is two courses (6-7 semester hours). A student registered for fewer than 12 semester hours is considered a parttime student.

Students with a B average (3.0) for the last semester or term of registration may register for a maximum of 8 semester hours of academic work during one summer term only.

A student may register for more than the normal load (an "overload") only on the approval of the respective academic school head. If a student is concurrently enrolled at other institutions of higher education in the same semester, the total course load at all institutions is to be considered in applying these policies. It is the responsibility of the student to inform his/her school head of any concurrent enrollments.

Graduate Students

The maximum load for a student registered for any work for graduate credit is 15 hours a semester. A full-time graduate student is one registered for 9 semester credit hours in a fall or spring semester, 3 semester credit hours in each summer term or 6 semester credit hours during a ten-week summer semester. No graduate student may enroll in more than 15 semester credit hours during the fall or spring semester or 6 semester credit hours in each summer term. Enrollment in Graduate Research Project 5305 or Thesis 5306 (proposal or defense) constitutes a full course load.

Enrollment Verification Guidelines

Student Type Full Time Three Quarter Time Half Time Below Half Time
Undergraduate 12 or more hours 9 - 11 hours 6 - 8 hours 5 or fewer hours
Graduate 9 or more hours 6 - 8 hours 5 or fewer hours

Grading Policies

Information on end of term grades, change of grades and repeated courses.

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Information on applying for graduation, commencement ceremonies, cap and gown, etc.