What is ECHS?

Early college high schools are innovative high schools that give students in grades nine to 12 the opportunity to earn up to 60 hours of college credit, all at no cost to their families. Through this program, high school students can take courses at the A&M-SA campus with university faculty and have access to campus support services. To be eligible to participate, students must attend a partnering high school and be recommended by the high school counselor. Currently, the university collaborates with Southwest Prep-Northwest Campus to offer the early college program.

  1. Admissions
    1. Submit an Apply Texas application and answer 'Yes' to the question, ‘Are you currently an early college high school student’
    2. Submit eligible TSI scores or dual credit waiver.
      1. All ECHS students are required to be TSI ready in at least reading and writing to begin taking college courses in the program. TSI readiness in all areas is required for math and science courses. Please see the Testing Center site for current college level scores.
    3. Submit high school transcript and college transcript (if applicable) 
    4. Submit bacterial meningitis information through the Med+Proctor Portal
    5. Submit signed Parent Consent Form 
  1. Pathways
    1. Our university has two pathways for early college high school students: Core Complete Four Year Plan and 60 Hour Four Year Plan 
  1. Student Resources
    1. TSI Prep
    2. Career Exploration 
  1. Partnership Resources

Currently, A&M-SA partners with Southwest Preparatory School: Northwest Campus. The early college program through A&M-SA is only available to students who attend their campus. For more information regarding their campus and admissions criteria to attend their school, please click here (link to school website).

If you are a K-12 institution and interested in receiving more information about creating a partnership with A&M-SA, please feel free to contact the Department of University Access.

Additional Forms

  1. Add/Drop Form
  2. Withdrawal Form 
  3. Parent Consent Form
  4. Counselor Training Guide