VA Certification Checklist for Current Benefits User

One of the responsibilities of the Office of Military Affairs is to certify your enrollment to the VA for further processing. After the certification process is complete the student's benefits will be activated for the requested term.

For Current Students using federal VA benefits:

The Office of Military Affairs will begin accepting certification documents as soon as the semester registration window opens. Please refer to the current University's Academic Calendar for actual dates. Do not hesitate to visit your advisor and enroll in courses as soon as possible. 

The process will be as follows:

  1. At collection, a representative from Military Affairs will ensure accuracy on all documents, check for expired dates and/or discrepancies of any kind. There will be no documents collected unless all required forms are complete.
  2. Once all documents are accepted, a representative from Military Affairs will submit your documents to be processed by a certifying official.
  3. The certifying official will again, verify the accuracy of the completed file and ensure all certification requirements have been met. (Includes: verifying coursework, academic standing, etc.)
  4. All folders will be processed in the order received. Please check your school email to stay informed of certification completion and other important information. It will take approximately 2-4 weeks for the certifying process to be completed.
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