Frequently Asked Questions

HOW CAN I MEET WITH MY ADVISOR? There are several ways to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor. Current students can schedule an appointment online using the EAB-Student Success Collaborative link in JagWire. If you don’t have access to EAB-Student Success Collaborative, are having troubles finding times that work for an appointment, or would like to book an appointment with an advisor that is different than your assigned one, you can give our office a call at (210) 784-1307 to schedule an appointment. If email is a better way to communicate, we encourage you to email the Advising general email at Someone will reach out to coordinate an appointment with you in a timely manner.

WHO IS MY ADVISOR? Students can find the name of their assigned academic advisor in EAB-Student Success Collaborative or in DegreeWorks. You can also give our office a call at (210) 784-1307 to get connected to your assigned academic advisor.

WHERE CAN I SEE MY DEGREE PLAN AND HOW WILL I KNOW WHAT CLASSES TO TAKE? Our university catalog with all of our degree plans in it is posted on the university website. You may click here to view it. It is important that you speak with your advisor about your degree plan and classes. They will help you understand it and ensure you are on the right track!

I HAVE A "HOLD" ON MY ACCOUNT. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? A hold on your account means that something is needed for your student record and usually must be taken care of before you can register, add/drop classes, or graduate. All first-year students have an Advising hold and are required to speak with their academic advisors before registering or making changes to their schedules, so that we can help ensure you're taking the right classes. New first-year students are required to attend an Online Advising & Registration Session over the summer in order to have you hold released.

Other holds could mean you need to submit a transcript, pay an outstanding balance, complete orientation, or to meet with your Academic Coach. You can determine what type of hold you have by viewing your student record in JagWire or by calling the Welcome Center at (210) 784-1300.

CAN MY ADVISOR REGISTER ME FOR CLASSES? Academic advisors do not have the ability to register students in courses. An advisor will recommend courses that are needed for your degree plan and can help you through the registration process. Advisors cannot make any adjustments to your registration, but can facilitate changes that may require some paperwork or coordination with other offices.

WHAT IF I WANT TO CHANGE MY MAJOR OR DON'T KNOW WHAT TO MAJOR IN? Not a problem! Choosing the right academic major is a big decision and we're here to help you. Your academic advisor can discuss your career interests and academic requirements to help you decide what major would best suit your skills, interests, and goals. We also encourage you to talk to a Career Counselor in the Mays Center to explore your interests and possible career paths.

Changing your major is a simple process. Your advisor can help you complete the Change of Major form. We encourage new first-year students to wait until the week before their Online Advising & Registration Session to change their major.

I TOOK DUAL CREDIT, AP EXAMS, AND/OR IB COURSES IN HIGH SCHOOL. WHEN SHOULD I TALK TO MY ADVISOR ABOUT THAT? All previous college credit, including dual credit and credit-by-exam, should be discussed with advisors as soon as possible. Advisors can let you know what will count towards your degree and advise you on the courses you need next. We understand that current courses and exams are still pending credit and can work with those situations.

I WORK FULL-TIME AND ALSO HAVE FAMILY COMMITMENTS. DOES THE UNIVERSITY OFFER CLASSES ONLINE, IN THE EVENINGS OR ON WEEKENDS? Some of our degree programs have options like taking classes in a Hybrid format, as well as online. However, the university presently does not offer a degree that can be completed 100% entirely online. There are also many classes offered in the evenings and on weekends here at the university. Depending on your selected degree program, it may not be possible to complete all of your coursework in the evenings or on weekends due to course offerings. Your academic advisor will be happy to help you identify what option is best for you and for your schedule.

I'M TRYING TO REGISTER, AND THE SYSTEM SAYS, "PRE-REQUISITE OR TSI ERROR." WHAT'S GOING ON? The registration system may display this error message for several different reasons. Are you trying to register for a class with a required lab or recitation section? If so, don't forget to type both CRNs into the registration worksheet. Do you have transfer coursework that is being applied to one of your degree requirements? The registration system may think that you're missing a required pre-requisite course. If this is the case, please contact your academic advisor for assistance. If you think you should be able to register for a class, and the registration system is giving you an error message, give us a call at (210) 784-1307 so that we can assist you.

I'M TRYING TO REGISTER FOR MGMT 4370, AND I'M GETTING AN ERROR MESSAGE. MGMT 4370 is the senior capstone course for BBA students. You must be in your last semester of coursework in order to receive approval to take this class. Contact your academic advisor for approval.

CAN MY ADVISOR ANSWER FINANCIAL AID QUESTIONS?  For all students, new and current, we encourage you to talk to the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships directly. Academic advisors do not have expertise in the area of financial aid.

HOW DO I GET ACCOMMODATIONS FOR DISABILITIES? Please do talk to your advisor early if you need a certain schedule to accommodate for any disabilities. We can help you find courses and a schedule that meet your needs. In addition, please contact Disability Support Services to determine your eligibility for accommodations.

I AM A MILITARY-AFFILIATED STUDENT. HOW DO I MAKE SURE I AM ALL SET TO RECEIVE MY BENEFITS?  We are proud to support our military-affiliated students. The Office of Military Affairs assists veterans and military family members with various educational benefits. In order to determine which veteran benefit you may be eligible for, please contact the Office of Military Affairs. Once you have registered for courses, you will need to submit your schedule to Military Affairs. Undergraduate Academic Advising has advisors specifically assigned to our military-affiliated students. These advisors work closely with Military Affairs and can help you with documentation you need to receive your benefits.