University Resources Commission

The URC will review all strategic plans requiring financial resources, Office of the President financial priorities, and infrastructure and capital plans to make broad recommendations to the Cabinet and President regarding fund allocations. These recommendations should be reflective of academic planning, institutional research, and assessment of student success programs, and determination of funds available for allocation should be based on data-informed enrollment projections.


Ms. Kathryn Funk-Baxter
Vice President for Business Affairs and CFO

Dr. Mike O'Brien
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Student Government Association representative
Ms. Allysa Atkins, SGA President
Faculty Senate representatives
Dr. Joseph Simpson, Faculty Senate President
Dr. Leonard Love, Faculty Senate President-elect
Staff Council representatives
Ms. Miriam Magdaleno, Staff Council President
Mr. Jarrick Brown, Staff Council President-elect
Faculty-at-large representatives
Dr. John Smith
Dr. Pablo Calafiore
Dr. Brian Brantley
President's selections
Dr. Dennis Elam
Ms. Deanna Reynolds
Student Success and Engagement representative
Dr. Edwin Blanton
University Advancement representative
Dr. Mary Kay Cooper
Enrollment Management representative
Mr. Phillip Rodgers
Intercollegiate Athletics representative
Mr. Darnell Smith
Academic Dean
Dr. Rohan Christie-David
Department Chair
Dr. Durant Frantzen
Ex-officio Member
Ms. Brandy McLelland, Vice President for Enrollment Management