Department of Sociology and Communication

Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Communication! Please take some time to look at our degree programs and learn about our stellar community of faculty and staff. We are home to the sociology and communication programs and the interdisciplinary Mexican American, Latinx, and Borderland Studies minor. We have dynamic faculty engaged in high-impact teaching and research.

The Sociology Program at A&M-San Antonio offers majors/minors an opportunity to develop team building, critical thinking skills, community engagement, and creative research.  We offer both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. The sociology faculty at A&M-San Antonio has research and teaching interests in various fields of inquiry–women, gender, and sexuality studies, aging,  environmental sociology, science and technology, race and ethnic relations, urban sociology, security studies, human rights, and Latinx studies. Faculty are engaged in research funded by the National Science Foundation. The 21st century presents renewed challenges of social oppression, economic exploitation, and environmental crises. As sociologists, we are steadfastly committed to knowledge production that ushers social awareness and the potential for policy changes that create a more just and egalitarian society. Our alumni thrive in business, marketing, criminal justice, law, social work, human relations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), health care, and more. Sociology alumni also regularly begin graduate school studies in sociology and related fields.

The Communication Program provides a broad  understanding of  the study of mass communication institutions, processes, research methods, and analysis. The study of communication will equip you to understand and evaluate the role of communication  as a set of principles and strategies for  understanding relationships, exercising  individual and collective  rights, and the skills to enact  effective problem-solving, team-building , and conflict-resolution  methods  to become  effective citizens  and lifelong learners. The communication program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with mass communication and media tracks. The communication faculty is a mix of research faculty and former professional journalists. The communication program is home to the award-winning Jaguar Student Media.  Our students produce The Mesquite News, El Espejo Magazine, and Enlace Newscast. Our students earn regional and national distinction annually, competing for and winning awards, scholarships, grants, and professional development opportunities.

Please take a look at what our department has to offer. If you are interested in pursuing one of our degrees or working with one of our outstanding faculty, please reach out. I look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Joseph M. Simpson
Chair Department of Sociology and Communication
(210) 784-2228