Designing for Accessibility: Usability for All

This is an image of three Images; first it is assumed that everyone will benefit from the same supports; the second each individual is given a different support; the third the systematic barrier has been removed.

Designing Accessible Instruction

Having accessible course materials is part of good course design. It touches every part of how you design your courses, select your teaching resources and even how you deliver your content. The Center of Academic Innovation in partnership with the Office of Student Disability Services and the ITS Accessibility Office is here to support you as you make your course materials more accessible. Below are links to videos and guides that can help you design your courses. 

Online Testing in Blackboard

If you are planning to give an online test in Blackboard, and have students what need accommodations, please visit the Exam Services page of the Disability Support Services website: (

Hyflex Courses & Live Captioning

In partnership with the Office of Disability Support Service, the Center for Academic Innovation also provides services for live captioning of your Hyflex Courses.  If you have any questions or would like to request the service, please contact your college's learning support specialist or the Office of Disability Support Services. 

Step-by-step Guides 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint


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