Academic Planning


The Texas A&M University-San Antonio undergraduate and graduate catalogs provide information about the academic programs and courses offered by Texas A&M University-San Antonio to students, prospective students, faculty, and staff. Included is information concerning admissions, academic regulations, and requirements, services available to students, academic offerings, and a list of the administrative officers and faculty. While every effort is made to make the catalogs as complete and accurate as possible, changes may occur at any time in requirements, deadlines, fees, curricula, and courses listed in the catalogs.

Catalog Production Schedule

Catalogs are produced annually and contain updates to programs and courses as approved through official University and state approval channels and are reported to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as part of A&M-San Antonio’s academic inventory. 

Catalogs are published online each June.

Catalog Production Schedule



March 15th

University catalogs available for updates

April 15th

All workflow approvals to be completed, Academic Affairs final review begins

May 15th

Academic Affairs submits request to CourseLeaf to publish next Academic Catalog

June 1st

Newest Academic Catalog published online and available for viewing

*Dates are subject to change.

Catalog (CAT) Workflow Access

Texas A&M University-San Antonio catalogs are housed and updated through a proprietary online workflow system created by Leepfrog Technologies® entitled CourseLeaf CAT. To obtain access to update catalog pages, permission must be obtained by the leadership in your office, department or college.

Content owners, click here to edit content in the catalog:

Page approvers, click here to approve pages in workflow: 

Academic Information

Academic Programs and Courses

Only curriculum committee-approved changes will be accepted for changes to degree information contained in the catalog. Academic departments should use the Curriculum Management system (CIM) to update academic programs and individual courses.

Faculty Roster

The faculty roster is provided by the Office of the Provost in a single, static file for upload before the catalogs are published; therefore, entries cannot be edited through the catalog site.


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