First-Year Seminar

First-Year Seminar
Why an FYS Course?
First-Year Seminar, or FYS, is designed to assist first-year students in adjusting to university expectations, acquiring essential skills for academic success, and enhancing quantitative reasoning skills. FYS works closely with the Common Experience Program, Mays Center, and the University Library to offer students a variety of ways to develop self-awareness, personal responsibility, and academic skills. Additionally, FYS offers students various opportunities to increase career readiness and to become active members of the campus community. Students also having one on one meeting with their professor and peer leader allow them to create a personal bond with that class.

FYS Instructors

Dr. Ripsime K. Bledsoe

PhD, Educational Leadership & Policy

FYS Instructor

George Gurrola

M.A., Latin American Studies and

FYS Instructor

Darcy Keene

M. Ed., Secondary Education

FYS Instructor

Jessica Reynolds

M. A.,

FYS Instructor/Coordinator

Dr. Liz Rockstroh

Ed.D., Educational

FYS Instructor

Mike Spohn

M. Ed., Educational Leadership

FYS Instructor

How does FYS work?

FYS is for new and transferring students at TAMUSA. New students must take the class unless the have acquired a C in the same or equivalent course. For Transfer students you must have more than 24 hours or a C or higher in a equivalent course.


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