Project Management Office

Welcome to the Enterprise Project Management Office!

If you are looking for resources and information on the management of Information Technology Projects, you've come to the right place. We follow the TAC 216 Companion Guide which encompasses IT Project Management Best Practices produced by The Texas A&M University System. TAC 216 requires a project classification method, based on complexity and risk, to determine the appropriate combination of project management practices for each project.

The Enterprise Project Management Office (ePMO) support consistet project management practices for Texas A&M-San Antonio, enabling project sponsors and business owners to successfully deliver their promised value to their customers. The ITS ePMO ensures that effective project management is a core competency of Information Technology Services (ITS).


The mission of Project Management is to:

  • Support the Information Technology Steering Committee (ITSC) in Strategic Planning and Project Governance: This involves selecting and prioritizing projects that align with the University Strategic Plan and institutional goals.

  • Differentiate and categorize projects according to level of complexity and risk (e.g., technology, size, budget, time to deliver).

  • Define the Project Management methodology that will be used on a project, such as waterfall or an agile framework.

  • Implementing Project Management Best Practices, per the TAC 216 Companion Guide from The Texas A&M University System.

  • Resource Management: manage and allocate resources across projects based on priorities, schedules, budgets and more.

  • Create Project Archives and Artifacts to include project charters, project plans, lessons learned, and more.


Where to Start

For more information on how to start a project please contact the ePMO at or submit an ITS Helpdesk ticket through the ITS Helpdesk Portal.

Meet The Staff

Jose Sanchez
Assistant Director, Enterprise Project Management Office
(210) 784-1370

Matthew Livingston
Project Manager III
(210) 784-4339

Mary Braxton
Project Specialist II
(210) 784-4381