University Police Department (UPD)

JagE Alert

During an emergency situation, information will be released to the University community through the JagE Alert System. This is a system that quickly notifies registered users of campus emergencies through a combination of text messages, emails and voicemail alerts to registered users. Because JagE Alert uses data provided by the student, faculty, and staff, it is imperative contact information remain up‐to‐date at all times. In emergency situations, the campus also is equipped with an outdoor speaker system that can broadcast direct commands and sounds to alert the campus to danger and ways to take necessary precautions. The system can also be accompanied by interior signs placed strategically in campus buildings throughout the campus.

You can download JagE Alert for your iPhone or Android app using your official University email.


University Police Department Emergency Notification

JagE Alert - Account Creation
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JagE Alert - Registration
JagE Alert Emergency Notification System