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Why Take Philosophy Courses?

Career Development

Philosophy builds successful careers. According to the American Philosophical Association, philosophy students usually outperform nearly all other majors on the LSAT, GRE, and GMAT; have some of the highest lifetime and midcareer earnings of all humanities fields; become tech leaders, entrepreneurs, journalists, professors, politicians, clergy, lawyers, medical doctors, Supreme Court justices, researchers, writers, actors, comedians, filmmakers, and activists. Not only can you do many jobs, but you can do many jobs well.

Personal Development

Philosophy includes self-improvement. Philosophy students level up important life-skills. As philosophy students, you will be able to: clearly communicate verbally and in writing; demonstrate moral problems and address them rationally; present good arguments and critique bad ones; relate with diverse people; articulate new perspectives; and create change. You can examine your life and make it worth living.

 Course Offerings

The university offers six courses in Philosophy, four of which fulfill core requirements (Core 040 and 090).

PHIL 1301: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2303: Introduction to Formal Logic

PHIL 2306: Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 2307: Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy

PHIL 3319: Feminist Philosophy

PHIL 3390: Special Topics in Philosophy



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