Participating School Districts


East Central ISD Superintendent of Schools Roland Toscano quote: 
"East Central ISD is excited about the ASPIRE collaboration with Texas A&M University-San Antonio and our colleagues from south Bexar County ISDs. To accommodate the forthcoming tremendous growth of south Bexar County, it is paramount that we prepare our well-rounded students for success in higher education and subsequently retain them in our region post-graduation with in-demand skills and qualifications that employers seek. East Central ISD envisions the partnership will enable us to collectively solve our most persistent problems with innovative solutions that are scalable and sustainable. We are also thankful for the generous contribution by Charles Butt to create a strong foundation for a successful collaboration."   

Edgewood ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Eduardo Hernandez: 
“We are very excited to partner with Texas A&M-SA as part of our collective efforts to enhance our programming for the students of Edgewood ISD.”

Harlandale ISD Interim Superintendent of Schools Samantha Gallegos:
"This collaboration is the first of its kind in San Antonio and potentially in the state. This allows all seven South Side school districts to solve specific challenges we are all facing using a collaborative process. Our collective efforts have the potential to impact thousands of students. We all benefit from working together."

Somerset ISD Interim Superintendent of Schools Dr. Saul Hinojosa:
"We anticipate this partnership will help strengthen the quality of teachers in the classroom, which will lead to improved student achievement."

South San Antonio ISD Interim Superintendent of Schools Dolores Sendejo:
"South San Antonio ISD is committed to creating optimal educational opportunities and experiences for our students. Through this partnership, our teachers and staff will be equipped with tools custom-made to serve the needs of our district. We recognize that each of our students is on an individualized path, and we would like to ensure they have the best skill-set to achieve success. Many of our teachers are homegrown and giving them this opportunity to come back and open doors for the next generation will not only ensure each student’s success but help the community thrive in a competitive world."

Southside ISD Superintendent of Schools Mark E. Eads:
"The impact of the partnership with Texas A&M-SA and our seven ISDs will benefit us all and, more importantly, benefit our students. Having a collective group of educators striving to provide the best training and programs available will enhance our academic levels of instruction to benefit the educational learning for our students. The collective impact will reach far broader areas in the future. This is a win-win for all.”  

Southwest ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Lloyd Verstuyft:
"This is an exciting collaboration that will bring life-changing opportunities for our students and community. This partnership will create a much-needed pipeline to high demand careers that will help fulfill the needs of our community's workforce."