The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of students' educational records through the improper disclosure of personally identifiable information derived from education records. FERPA applies to all educational agencies and institutions that receive funding under any programs by the Department of Education.
Smoke Free Campus
A&M-SA is a smoke-free campus. This applies to all faculty, staff, students, and visitors on any university property. Smoking (cigars, electronic cigarettes, etc.) and smokeless tobacco (chewing tobacco, electronic cigarettes, vaping, etc.) are prohibited.
Student Complaint
A&M-SA is committed to providing an educational environment conducive to personal and professional development. Students can pursue grievances through the Nonacademic Grievance and Academic Grievance Process.
Free Speech and Public Assembly
Individual faculty, staff, and students can continue to enjoy all constitutional rights and privileges concerning freedom of speech and participation, subject to reasonable time, place, and manner.