Purpose of Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs provide opportunities for student participation in a variety of physical and athletic activities. Sport Clubs also give students the opportunity to engage in the activity of their choice on a competitive level. Sport Clubs contribute to the development of student leadership, provide a common bond  between individuals, and promote individual wellness. While Recreational Sports assists in the development and growth of Sports Clubs, the emphasis of the program is on student leadership and involvement. The existence of each Sport Club and the degree to which they are successful, is dependent upon student interest and leadership. 

How to Become a Sport Club

Any group of students with a collective interest in a sport or activity that allows you to compete individually or as a team is eligible to start a new Sport Club. This process starts by completing the Intent to Organize a Sport Club Form on Jagsync. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with the process, please feel free to contact the Competitive Sports Coordinator for assistance.

Fall 2021 Active Sport Clubs 

Texas A&M-San Antonio Men's Club Basketball


Texas A&M-San Antonio Women’s Club Basketball


Texas A&M-San Antonio Men's Club Soccer


Texas A&M-San Antonio Women's Club Soccer


Texas A&M-San Antonio Dance Team


Texas A&M-San Antonio Table Tennis


Contact recsports@tamusa.edu for further information.