Student Counseling Center

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Welcome Message

Our Vision

We strive to promote student success by decreasing mental health stigma and providing services to support better health and well-being in the lives of our students.


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve a culturally diverse Texas A&M – San Antonio student population by providing quality mental health services, fostering a sense of belonging, collaborating with campus and community partners, and promoting holistic wellness to improve student success.


Core Values

Our work is driven by our respect and commitment to:

  • Awareness: Promoting dialogues and encouraging reflections that increase the knowledge, awareness, and conscientiousness of ourselves and others. 
  • Education: We facilitate learning through teaching, collaboration, training, and outreach to help individuals acquire skills and competencies to support their growth and development. 
  • Inclusivity: Respect and advocacy for people regardless of national origin, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, abilities, status, and/or gender identity and expression.
  • Ethics: Professional and moral principles that guide our work inform our decision-making and ensure that best care practices are used.


Mailing Address

Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Student Counseling Center (SCC)

One University Way

Modular C, Room 166

San Antonio, TX 78224


Telephone: (210) 784-1331 (Available 24/7)

Fax: (210) 784-1460


Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Find Our Office

The Student Counseling Center is located in the Student Success Center, Modular C, Room 166 (please use the rear entrance). Students entering campus from Jaguar Parkway West can take a right on West Ring Road to park in either Lot 2C or Lots 3A/3B. Students entering campus from University Way can take a right on Jaguar Parkway, and then a left on West Ring Road to park in either Lot 2C or Lots 3A/3B.
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Make an Appointment

All appointments are scheduled either in person by visiting Modular C, Room 166 (rear entrance), or by calling the Student Counseling Center main line, 210-784-1331. The Student Counseling Center does not schedule appointments via email.
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Supporting You