Academic Planning

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum review process at A&M-San Antonio provides an opportunity for the academic colleges to submit requests for the addition or deletion of courses; changes in course prefix, title, and/or number; and additions, deletions, or changes to degree programs.  While the faculty, department, and colleges are responsible for curriculum development and implementation, Academic Affairs oversees the logistics for curriculum change and development at A&M-San Antonio, working to ensure that curricular actions conform to university, state, and accreditation timelines, policies, and procedures. 

In 2022-23 CourseLeaf Curriculum (CIM), an online curriculum change system, replaced the paper curriculum change forms. It is a complementary system to our online Catalog (CAT). CIM's online workflow allows for a more transparent and efficient way to process curriculum and catalog changes.

Important Dates

Important Dates


Fall Submission Deadline*

Spring Submission Deadline**

Curriculum Forms Due to Academic Affairs

November 15th

March 3rd 

Curriculum Committee Review Begins

November 15th

March 6th 


December 15th 

April 3rd 

Registrar's Office

December 19th 

April 17th 

Notification to Deans/Department Chairs

January 9th 

May 1st 

Updated Course Inventory Available

January 16th

May 1st 

Submit to Texas A&M University System***

January 1st

May 15th 

Board of Regents Meeting



THECB-Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board



Target Implementation Date

Fall 2023-Course Related Changes

Fall 2024-New Degree Programs

Fall 2024-Course Related Changes

Fall 2025-New Degree Programs 

*Program proposals for the following actions require additional review steps: change in SCH, major title, degree title; addition of majors; deletion of majors

**The University’s curriculum committees will meet each fall to consider proposals for the following academic year. One additional meeting will occur in the spring to review any emergency submissions requiring review before the catalog is published or any new academic programs seeking approval.

***Agenda submission deadlines are subject to change due to adjustment in the Board of Regents meeting dates. Check the Academic Affairs website for updates.

Submission Procedures

  1. Department faculty initiate curriculum proposals, including course changes (new courses, changes to existing courses, course deletions) and curriculum changes (new program or minor proposals, changes to degree requirements) using CourseLeaf CIM. 
    1. Course Inventory Requests:
    2. Program Management Requests:
  2. Proposals submitted will be routed through Level 1 Workflow. This workflow process requires approval by the Department Chair, College Curriculum Committee, and College Dean.
  3. Following the Dean's approval, all proposals are routed Level 2 Workflow. This workflow process requires approval by the University Level Committee/Council, Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Studies (graduate submissions), and the Provost. 
  4. The Provost is the final approver. If approved, all submissions are routed to the appropriate constituent to complete the implementation. 

Items required to go to System Office:

  1. Academic Affairs reviews the proposal and forwards it to Business Affairs for financial review and CFO signature.
  2. Once the proposal is approved by the university-level committee, CFO, and Provost, Academic Affairs submits the proposal to the President for review and signature.
  3. President approves and the Chief of Staff submits the proposal to the Texas A&M University System Office for review.
  4. Board of Regents approves and forwards submission to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for approval.
  5. Once written approval is received from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Academic Affairs will proceed with notifying external and internal constituents, including campus departments and/or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), and the Department of Education.