Jaguar Cash Plan

A student or employee may participate in a declining balance plan called Jaguar Cash. The Jaguar Cash plan allows the Jaguar Card to be used for printing or purchasing purposes. In the future, this plan will allow students to make purchases at various University locations. By default, all current students have a Jaguar Cash plan with an initial balance of $0. There is no minimum or maximum dollar amount to participate. The funds in this account carry forward and only expire if the account has not been used for a prior calendar year and the student is no longer a current registered student. Refunds on Jaguar Cash plans are issued upon the student’s request and a previous investigation concludes a refund should be granted. If a student graduates or is no longer a current student, the student may request a cash refund. All final cash refunds are applied to the TAMU-SA student account and any outstanding balance with the University will be paid before a final refund is issued.

The Jaguar Cash plan balance will be automatically forfeited at the end of each calendar year if two conditions are met:

  • The Jaguar Cash plan has not been used for one full calendar year prior; and

  • The student is not registered or enrolled in classes.
    The Jaguar Cash plan can be funded by cash or with a major credit card.

Students may fund their Jaguar Cash plan utilizing cash or a major credit card. Cash deposits must be done utilizing any of the University valueport machines. Credit card deposits can be done by visiting the managemyid website and following the instructions. Click here for instructions.