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The Jaguar ID Card is the University's official identification card.  All staff, students, and visitors must have their Jaguar ID Card at all times while in Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMU-SA) property.

Jaguar Card use guidelines vary depending if you are a staff, student, or visitor. Staff ID Cards are and will remain the property of the University. Student ID Cards are the property of the student. Students do not need to renew their ID Card every semester. Students ID Cards only expire if the student is no longer a current student at TAMU-SA. University sponsored visitors ID Cards are property of the university and must be returned at visitor's departure. By accepting a Jaguar ID Card, an employee, student, or visitor accepts all terms and conditions of the card and its use.


The ID Office issues all employee, visitor, and student Jaguar ID Cards in accordance with the Standard Texas A&M-San Antonio Operational Procedure. All employees, students, and visitors, must follow the procedures regarding the maintenance, replacement, and surrender of Jaguar ID Cards.

To obtain a Jaguar ID Card students, staff, and visitors must visit an ID Station. ID Stations are located at the University Welcome Center. ID Stations hours of operation are the same hours as the Welcome Center. 

Know your ID Card responsibilities!!



Staff card: There is no cost for the initial staff Jaguar ID card. However, a card replacement cost is $10.00 and it is paid by the employee at the Business Office.

Student card: The initial cost of a student Jaguar ID card is $10.00. The cost of the Jaguar ID Card is included in the tuition and fees billed to and paid by student. A card replacement cost is $10.00 paid by the student at the Business Office.

The replacement fee applies to damaged ID cards, lost ID cards, and name changes on ID cards.

The Business Office accepts cash, check, and credit card payments.