Learning Communities

Learning Communities
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Learning Communities (LCs) are 2-3 linked courses that allow participants to partake in exclusive activities created to enhance their learning experience at A&M-San Antonio.

The faculty in each LC, team up to build connections amongst the linked courses through shared assignments and activities. Throughout the semester long program students will receive guidance from a fellow peer mentor and gain lifelong friendships.

What are the types of Learning Communities?
There are four types of Learning Communities: Mega, Traditional, Common Theme/Affinity Group, and Career-Focused (Pre-Health). All offer their own educational and personal benefits as well as having some in common. Learning Communities (LCs) will strive to create a culture of learning to improve student success and to increase overall retention during the first two years of the undergraduate experience. The fundamental purpose of LCs at A&M San Antonio will be to develop cohort identity, to establish a culture of learning and to create a sense of belonging to our university!

What are the benefits of Learning Communities?


Working out loud is learning out loud! Open collaboration breaks down barriers, facilitates innovation, and creative problem-solving.

Connecting & Growth

Learning Communities provides a space and structure for people to align around a shared goal and encourage one another to reach that goal.

Exclusive Activities & Events

Learning Communities offers events throughout the year as well as merchandise that only you as a Learning Communities student will have.