Sponsored Student Organizations

Sponsored Student Organizations

Sponsored Student Organizations: These specific student organizations are created by a University department or division to support the ongoing interest of the University community. A funded student organization is critical to the University's mission and culture. It is inherently linked to the University due to its role as a University representative. Thus, a sponsored student organization is an integral part of the institution and routinely presents events for the University and surrounding community. Other privileges may be granted to a funded student organization by the sponsoring University department or division, which may or may not be extended to different student organizations.


Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association's (S.G.A.) purpose is to serve as the main governing body for the students. S.G.A. represents the students' voices when actively identifying and describing all students' interests. S.G.A. represents the bridge between students and faculty administration and addresses student concerns, issues, or ideas. 

Contact S.G.A.:
(210) 784-1329

Student Veterans of America (SVA)

Student Veterans of America envisions a nation where all student veterans succeed in post-secondary programs and contribute meaningfully to civilian society. The society provides the resources and support through six significant initiatives. We maintain a commitment to Support Chapters through leadership training, grants, and networking opportunities that facilitate the development of successful student-run organizations. An essential component of chapter work is advocating for supportive campus services and programs. At the national level, SVA’s advocacy efforts ensure policies support veterans' transition to school and employment, such as in-state tuition and the entire military community. To best serve this large community, SVA Develops Partnerships with other organizations to provide scholarships, mentorships, employment, and benefits counseling. Yet, our support doesn’t end at graduation. Student Veterans of America is developing a networking program to Connect Alumni veterans with even more professional opportunities. These initiatives are designed to bring veterans closer to their degrees, yet little data exists on student veterans' academic performance. 

Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.)

Campus Activities Board's (C.A.B.) purpose shall be to create programs that appeal to the student body by providing diverse activities throughout the year that all students are encouraged to attend. Our mission is to provide high-quality educational, social, and entertaining programs that enhance student life at Texas A&M University-San Antonio and contribute to the overall development of the student.

Contact C.A.B.
Central Academic Building, Suite 103
(210) 784-1391 


National Society of Leadership and Success (N.S.L.S.)

National Society of Leadership and Success! We are dedicated to building tomorrow's leaders, beginning with you. Develop your leadership skills while building lasting friendships and a network of colleagues to support you on your journey to achieving your goals in college and beyond.