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IT Business

Our primary role is to oversee all technology-related purchases and maintain a comprehensive inventory of the technology assets across the institution. This encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, from ensuring that the technology acquired supports the educational and operational goals of the university to managing the lifecycle of each piece of equipment to maximize its utility and value. By carefully monitoring and directing these processes, we aim to ensure that the university's technological resources are effectively leveraged to enhance both teaching and learning experiences while also supporting the administrative functions critical to the institution's success.

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University Contracts

We're excited to share that we oversee all university contracts to ensure every partnership and agreement aligns perfectly with our institution's goals and values. Our team is dedicated to ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently, always with our university community's best interests at heart. If you have any questions or need assistance with contracts, we're here to help! We aim to support and facilitate the success of our customers, making your experience with us as seamless and positive as possible.

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Jessica Nino

Director of IT Business & University Contracts

(210) 784-4361

Frank Ramon

Assistant Director of IT Business & University Contracts

(210) 784-2030

Deborah "Deb" Campos-Leon

Contract Administrator

(210) 784-2030

Travis White

Contract Coordinator

(210) 784-2036

Gloria Galvan

IT Business Coordinator

(210) 784-4370