Lock and Key Request

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  1. To request a key, please click on the button below titled Submit a Key Request.  This button will take you to an online form that you fill out and submit. 
  2. Terminology: The person who fills out the form is the Reporter and the person who will receive the key is the Key Recipient.  
  3. If you want to request multiple keys, you must submit a separate submission for each key - it is not possible to request multiple keys in a single submission.
  4. Each submitted request will be electronically routed to the Key Recipient's Supervisor and Dept Head/Chair for approval.
  5. When all approvers have approved, Facilities will cut the keys, test them for accuracy, and notify the Key Recipient that the keys are ready for pickup.


If key(s) are lost, the key recipient must immediately notify the Department Head, University Police, and Facilities Services. New keys will not be issued unless the University Police and Facilities Services have been notified.