I received a citation, now what?

Citations received before January 1, 2021, are available for payment on JagWire.
Citations received after January 1, 2021, are immediately viewable and payable through Jaguar FlexPort online account.
Citation notifications distribute to student email accounts within 24 hours of citation receipt. Pay pending citations not posted to Jaguar FlexPort in person by presenting the citation number to Student Business Services in Madla 135. Citation holders must pay pending Jaguar FlexPort activity not yet posted to the account.

Appeal citations within ten calendar days of receipt to the Parking and Transportation Department through the Jaguar FlexPort appeal process. Appeals received after ten days will not be considered for review.
Failure to pay or appeal citations within ten calendar days of receipt results in a Jaguar FlexPort account $5.00 accrued late fee.
Failure to pay citations within 120 calendar days will post unpaid balances to the JagWire account. JagWire outstanding balances place an active hold on all student accounts, which delays class registration or diploma issuance until the account is paid in full.

 For a list of citation fines click here

Late fee’s accrual rate:

  • After 10 days $5.00
  • After 30 days $10.00
  • After 60 days $15.00
  • After 90 days $20.00
  • After 120 days $25.00


The following are NOT valid reasons for appeals:

  • Lack of knowledge of parking regulations or new to the campus
  • Other vehicles were improperly parked
  • Only parked illegally for a short period of time
  • Stated failure of officer to ticket previously for similar offenses
  • Late to class or appointment
  • Inability to pay the fine amount
  • No other place to park
  • Fully distance learning student
  • Did not see posted signs
  • Forgot parking permit in alternate vehicle


Immobilization of a Vehicle

In accordance with the Parking Fee, Registration of Vehicles and Permits, Section 9, pg14, the university has the ability to immobilize or impound a vehicle of any person for any of the following:

  • Has accumulated four (4) or more unpaid parking or traffic violations
  • Has citation fines of $200 or more
  • Has any outstanding citations over 120 days past due
  • Is in possession of a lost, stolen, or altered/fraudulent parking permit.