Application Information

How do I apply for Graduation?

To apply for Graduation, you will need to log into your Jagwire account. You can click on the "Graduation" tile on the main screen and the application will be the first option. It is important to review your Degree Works and meet with your academic advisor prior to submitting your application so you know if you will be eligible to graduate under the semester you are applying for.
Once submitted, your application will automatically be sent to our office. Please be sure to send your most updated contact information when filling out your application, so we may contact you if we need more details on your application.

Graduation Application Fee:  Master's or Bachelor's $50.00
The application fee is automatically added to your student billing statement when you apply. You may take care of the fee in Jagwire under "Pay my bill" option on the right column or clicking the "Student Services" tile on the home page and clicking on the "Student Business Services" link and then "Pay online".
Please note the fee deadlines under the Important Dates link on our website. Please note the fee is non-refundable, and if you withdraw your application, you are still liable for all fees.

Please view the Graduation Application instructions for a walkthru of submitting your graduation application.

If Graduating        
Spring 2024
Opens September 1st, 2023 - Closes January 31st, 2024
Summer 2024

Application opens October 23rd, 2023

Applications received from 10/23/23- 1/31/24 are included in the Spring '24 Commencement Ceremony.

Applications received 2/1/24 - 6/18/24 will be included in the Fall '24 Commencement Ceremony.

6/18/24 is the final deadline to apply to graduate in the summer semester.

Fall 2024

Application opens March 1st, 2024 - Closes September 11th, 2024

Trouble Applying Online

If you encounter any problems in being able to either access the Graduation Application or submitting your information, this more than likely means you may be on the Curriculum Selection screen. On this screen, you'll select the most current term, and the next screen will allow you to select the actual graduation term. If you still have issue submitting the application, this may mean you have an older application on file, or your institutional GPA is below the required 2.0 to be eligible for graduation. To discuss options, please feel free to contact Graduation Services at (210) 784-1369 or via email at .

What Happens After I Apply?

At the conclusion of the web application, your application will be forwarded to the Registrars office. Preliminary audits of your degree will happen after the deadline to apply to graduate, and your degree works will be updated once audits are completed with a note stating on track or not on track. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Graduation Services at

Name Used On Your Diploma

Diplomas will be printed with the legal name on file, unless the graduation application indicates a change to the first name. In the application, you will be able to input a different first name if you chose or select the name on file. If you choose to use a different first name on the graduation application, this will only appear on your diploma. If you wish to update your name to include any accent marks, (EX: ñ, é, etc in either middle or last name), add a middle name or additional last names, the change of name form will be needed to update your legal name along with the required documentation stated on the form.
If the documentation submitted with the form does not include the accent marks in your change of name request, we cannot complete the request to update your legal name (Ex: if your State issued ID or birth certificate shows last name as Fernandez and you wish to change it to Fernández, the change will not be made to your legal name on file). We will only be able to update the name used on your diploma, and your legal name will remain the same. Name changes/updates will need to be submitted three months prior to the commencement ceremony in the semester you will be graduating in to be updated in a timely manner. The change of name form along with the documentation can be emailed to for processing.

Click here to access change of name form

Quick FAQ's

My Institutional GPA is below the 2.0 minimum required. Can I still apply to graduate?

You will need to submit an appeal form and meet with your advisor to discuss the options you have to bring your GPA up in order to graduate. You will also need to obtain a signed degree audit from your advisor. Please email us at for the appeal form.

I applied for the wrong graduation semester. Can I move my application?

Yes, your application can be moved, but only once. Please visit the link below for more details regarding moving your application.

Click here

The application only shows the semester we are in now, and I can't apply for the correct term.

The application will prompt the "Curriculum Selection" screen first. This screen will only show the most recent/current semester. You will need to select the most current term, and the following screen will allow you to choose the actual graduation term.

I missed the deadline to apply to graduate for a semester. Can I still apply after the deadline has passed?

Yes, you will need to submit a Deadline Appeal form that is housed in your Jagwire account. Under the "Classes and Registration" tab you'll find the form under the "Graduation Services" heading (Graduation Appeal/Withdraw/Change Request). The deadline appeal form will route to your advisor once submitted for review to ensure you will meet the requirements by the end of the semester, and if approved, we will create your graduation application for you.