Mission Statement

Disability Support Services Mission:

Disability Support Services (DSS) provides innovative services that empower and inspire student learning, development, and independence by facilitating equal access through reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities. DSS collaborates with the diverse A&M-San Antonio campus community to offer guidance, support, and advocacy promoting equity for all.

Disability Support Services Vision:

DSS envisions a campus community in which individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to thrive and participate fully in all institutional programs and services.

Disability Support Services Goals:  

  • Utilize the interactive case management model to engage with and provide quality services to students with disabilities.
  • Collaborate with the A&M-SA campus community to promote an inclusive environment through education and facilitation of appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • Foster a supportive environment that promotes equal access to education for students with disabilities by providing awareness and understanding of issues related to disability and accessibility.