Semester Requests for Services

Students who have already been approved for accommodations at A&M-SA for a previous semester must initiate this process each semester.

STEP 1 – Submit the Semester Request for Accommodations form

Mail, fax, email or bring your application materials to:

Texas A&M University-San Antonio
Disability Support Services
One University Way
Central Academic Building, Suite 210
San Antonio, TX 78224

Phone: (210) 784-1335
Fax:     (210) 784-1340

STEP 2 – (OPTIONAL) If you are requesting additional accommodations, you may need to meet with your Case Manager and submit additional documentation from a qualified professional to support your request

Click here for information regarding Documentation Requirements.

STEP 3 – Verify approved accommodations

Your Case Manager will send Letters of Accommodation (L O A) via email to inform the instructors of your approved accommodations. You will be included via your student email. This process activates your accommodations, however, students and instructors are encouraged to meet to clarify delivery of accommodations and course requirements.