Featured Speakers

Texas A&M-San Antonio Anti-Human Trafficking Conference
January 23, 2021
8 am to 4 pm

Keynote speaker
Cyntoia Brown-Long
Cyntoia Brown-Long is an author, speaker, and advocate for criminal justice reform and victims of trafficking.

Cyntoia had a difficult start in life. She was born to an alcoholic, teenage mother who was a victim of sex trafficking.  Cyntoia experienced a sense of isolation, low self-esteem, and alienation that drove her straight into the hands of a predator. Cyntoia was trafficked during her early teenage years and, at the age of 16, was arrested for killing a man who solicited her for sex. She was tried as an adult and was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole for 51 years. Her trafficker was never arrested.

In prison, Cyntoia’s life took a dramatic turn when the prison education principal took her under her wing and introduced her to a spiritual path. She encouraged her to build a positive life in prison and to resist the negative influences that lead to despair.

Cyntoia’s journey was a roller coaster ride that included a documentary about her life, a profound encounter with God, an unlikely romance, and, eventually, a commuted sentence by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. She received unprecedented national and international support from social media advocates, pastors, and celebrities and was released from prison in Nashville, TN, on August 7, 2019.

Expert Panel:
Topic: What We Need to Know
Chuck Paul, Youth Alternatives Director of Outreach and CST services, Roy Maas
Dr. Helen Mireles, Victim Assistant Specialist, Homeland Security
Norma Estimbo-Graebener, Communications Relations Officer, ICE

This panel of experts will share their knowledge and experience on the dangers of human trafficking, how it affects our community. The panel will speak to questions like what role government agencies have in ending human trafficking, how organizations are working to end human trafficking,  how an investigation into human trafficking takes place, what parents can do to protect their children, what red flags people should be aware of and how individuals can be better aware and advocate for change.