About Information Technology Services

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ITS Staff


Our goal is to provide an innovative, customer-focused, and robust foundation for information technology solutions that enable the university community to pursue excellence in research, education, and public service. We seek to establish trust with our customers through professionalism, honest and open dialogue, high-quality customer service, and a commitment to partnership and collaboration. 


 ITS is organized into four large groups as described below:

  • Customer Care Services: Responsible for providing helpdesk, A/V, and field service assistance and support for general computing and classroom technologies
  • Academic Technology: Responsible for providing assistance, Faculty training and support, and instructional design assistance
  • Application Services:  Responsible for managing enterprise wide applications and the data needs of the campus
  • Infrastructure Services:  Responsible for implementing, managing and maintaining server platforms and networking/communications infrastructure

To reach any of the Information Technology Services staff please call the Help Desk at (210) 784-4357 (HELP)

President of Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Linda Schott President linda.schott@tamusa.edu

Vice President of Business Affairs and CFO

Name Title Email
Leonard Cullo VP of Business Affairs | CFO

CIO Team

Name Title Email
William Griffenberg CIO William.Griffenberg@tamusa.edu
Name Title Email
Daniel Rendon Director, Customer Care Services dmrendon@tamusa.edu

TAMU-SA Helpdesk Team

Name Title Email
Ruben Caudillo-Porras Helpdesk Coordinator rcaudill@tamusa.edu
Estrella Candia Helpdesk Agent ecandia@tamusa.edu 
Roberto Marty Helpdesk Agent rmarty@tamusa.edu 
Nathaniel Moore Student Worker nathaniel.moore@tamusa.edu
Adrian Perez Student Worker adrian.perez@tamusa.edu
Emily Godoy Student Worker emily.godoy@tamusa.edu
Jonathan Garcia Student Worker jonathan.garcia@tamusa.edu
Jennie Delgado-Flores Student Worker jennie.delgado@tamusa.edu

Field Services Team

Name Title Email
Clay Britt Lead, Field Services clay.britt@tamusa.edu
Elex Valdez Apple Field Tech elex.valdez@tamusa.edu
Jenae Garza Field Service Tech I jenae.garza@tamusa.edu
Joel Lerma Field Service Tech II joel.lerma@tamusa.edu
David Chandler AV Student Worker david.chandler@tamusa.edu
Gabriel Vaughn Student Worker gabriel.vaughan@tamusa.edu
Jesus "Jesse" Chavera Student Worker jesus.chavera@tamusa.edu

AV Team

Name Title Email
Moises Carlos Lead, AV Administrator moises.carlos@tamusa.edu
Kevin Mendoza AV Field Tech kmendoza@tamusa.edu

Digital Inclusion Helpdesk Team

Name Title Email
Juan M. Vazquez Digital Inclusion Helpdesk Supervisor Juan.Vazquez@tamusa.edu 
Thomas Williams Digital Inclusion Tech Writer thomas.williams@tamusa.edu
Antonio Gallegos Digital Inclusion Helpdesk Lead Tony.Gallegos@tamusa.edu
Jennifer Martinez Digital Inclusion Helpdesk Adult Ed Jennifer.Martinez@tamusa.edu
Julia Hernandez Digital Inclusion Helpdesk Adult Ed Julia.Hernandez@tamusa.edu
Richard Salazar Digital Inclusion Helpdesk Adult Ed Richard.Salazar@tamusa.edu
Name Title Email
Matt Broughton Assistant Director, Infrastructure Matt.Broughton@tamusa.edu

Network Team

Name Title Email
Brandon Williams Network Analyst III Brandon.Williams@tamusa.edu
Lee Watkins Telephony/Network Analyst Lee.Watkins@tamusa.edu

System Administration Team

Name Title Email
Shane Donley System Administrator Shane.Donley@tamusa.edu
Syed Rizvi Linux Administrator Syed.Rizvi@tamusa.edu
Jack Clinkenbeard System Administrator Jack.Clinkenbeard@tamusa.edu
Ruben Prado Field Service Engineer rprado@tamusa.edu
Name Title Email
James Meyer Assistant Director Web Services James.Meyer@tamusa.edu

Web Services Team

Name Title Email
Fernando Estrada Web Developer III fernando.estrada@tamusa.edu
Jose "Joey" Gonzales Web Developer II jose.gonzales@tamusa.edu 
Jane Perez Student Worker  jane.perez@tamusa.edu
Liliana "Lili" Martinez Student Worker liliana.martinez@tamusa.edu
Name Title Email
Jessica Nino Director, IT Finance & Administration Jessica.Nino@tamusa.edu

Business Team

Name Title Email
Ruby Castro Administrative Asst. IV rcastro@tamusa.edu 
Name Title Email
David Mendoza Chief Data & Information Security Officer David.Mendoza@tamusa.edu

Security Team

Name Title Email
Vaishali "Vai" Bhatt Identity Manager vai.bhatt@tamusa.edu
Name Title Email
Lionel Cassin Executive Director, Development Operations Lionel.Cassin@tamusa.edu

DevOps Team

Name Title Email
Eric Canull Enterprise App Developer IV Eric.Canull@tamusa.edu
Name Title Email
Alana Crawford Director, Enterprise Apps alana.crawford@tamusa.edu

System Intergration Team

Name Title Email
Matthew Steimel System Integration Manager matthew.steimel@tamusa.edu
Don Pingenot System Integration Administrator dpingenot@tamusa.edu
Jack Collins Integration Specialist jack.collins@tamusa.edu
John Zibluk Integration Specialist jzibluk@tamusa.edu

Enterprise Application & DBA Team

Name Title Email
Caryn Witt Database Systems Manager caryn.witt@tamusa.edu
Vacant Enterprise App Developer III
Horace Robinson Database Administrator I horace.robinson@tamusa.edu
Daniel Gondek Enterprise Report Analyst 1 daniel.gondek@tamusa.edu
Name Title Email
Jose Sanchez Assistant Director of ePMO Jose.Sanchez@tamusa.edu

ePMO Team

Name Title Email
Vacant IT Project Manager III
Mary Braxton Business Analyst II mary.braxton@tamusa.edu
Frank Ramon
Project/Inventory Coordinator I