Office of Information Security (OIS)

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Our Mission

Develop a security focused workforce, comply with all applicable laws and policies, and protect the University’s data and information resources.


Beginning in November of 2018, ITS will begin a phased rollout of two-factor authentication (2fa) to all TAMUSA employees and students (see schedule below). The name of the 2fa software is Duo, from a company called Cisco. Learn more here.

A: “Phishing” is when cyber-attackers send you phony emails pretending to be from someone or something you know, such as a friend, your bank or a well-known store, in order to steal your password, your money, your information. Learn more here.

    In Outlook, emails should show just the sender's name, (EX: From: Jane Doe)

    Emails from the Internet show the sender's email address, (EX: From: Jane Doe < 
    If the email came over the Internet and the sender's name and address don't match, it's most likely a phish.

  • SENSE OF URGENCY: Phishes often say you must do something right now, that the sender is in a very important meeting and can't talk or text.

  • ODD ENGLISH: Phishes typically have erratic capitalization, grammatical errors, and bizarre word choices.

  • TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE: There are no jobs out there that pay you $500 a week to do occasional errands.

A: Check out this link:

A: OneDrive is cloud file storage, similar to Dropbox and Google Drive. Learn more here.

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