Our Staff 

To reach any of the Information Technology Services staff please call the Help Desk at
210-784-4357 (HELP)

Help Desk

Name Title Email
Luann White Help Desk Manager Luann.White@tamusa.edu

Technology Support

Name Title Email
Vai Bhatt User Services Manager Vai.Bhatt@tamusa.edu
Jenae' Garza Jenae.Garza@tamusa.edu
Ruben Caudillo-Porras Field Service Technician II rcaudill@tamusa.edu
Elex Valdez Field Service Technician II Elex.Valdez@tamusa.edu
John Delgado Field Service Technician II John.Delgado@tamusa.edu
Hassan Sangare Field Service Technician II (Contractor) Hassan.Sangare@tamusa.edu
Field Service Technician II (Contractor)

Network Team

Name Title Email
David Mendoza Network Team Lead David.Mendoza@tamusa.edu
Brandon Williams Network Administrator Brandon.Williams@tamusa.edu
Lee Watkins Telephony/Network Analyst Lee.Watkins@tamusa.edu

System Administrator Team

Name Title Email
Matt Broughton System Administrator Team Lead Matt.Broughton@tamusa.edu
Shane Donley System Administrator Shane.Donley@tamusa.edu
Syed Rizvi System Administrator Syed.Rizvi@tamusa.edu
Chris Hudson System Administrator Chris.Hudson@tamusa.edu
Jack Clinkenbeard Systems Administrator Jack.Clinkenbeard@tamusa.edu

Security Team

Name Title Email
Lionel Cassin Chief Information Security Officer Lionel.Cassin@tamusa.edu
Esmeralda Robledo Information Security Analyst III Esmeralda.Robledo@tamusa.edu

Enterprise Applications

Name Title Email
Sarah LeNoir Director of Enterprise Applications Sarah.Lenoir@tamusa.edu
Gabriel Mendiola Senior Enterprise Applications Developer Gabriel.Mendiola@tamusa.edu
Chin "Stephen" Shiu Enterprise App Developer IV Chin.Shiu@tamusa.edu
Vacant Enterprise App Developer IV
Shahneela Qazi Enterprise App Developer IV Shahneela.Qazi@tamusa.edu
Eric Canull Enterprise App Developer III Eric.Canull@tamusa.edu
Caitie Garza Enterprise App Developer III Caitlin.Garza@tamusa.edu
Roberto Flores-Zepeda Enterprise App Developer II Roberto.Flores@tamusa.edu

Database Administration

Name Title Email
Vacant Database Administrator

Web Development

Name Title Email
James Mbewe Web Developer II James.Mbewe@tamusa.edu
James "Jim" Meyer Web Developer I James.Meyer@tamusa.edu

Project Management

Name Title Email
Deanna Reynolds Director of Project Management Deanna.Reynolds@tamusa.edu
Jose Sanchez IT Project Manager III Jose.Sanchez@tamusa.edu
Frank James IT Project Manager III Frank.James@tamusa.edu

Center for Academic Innovation

Name Title Email
Dr. Sherita Love Center for Academic Innovation Sherita.Love@tamusa.edu
Sha Johnson Senior Instructional Designer Sha.Johnson@tamusa.edu
Cecilia "CiCi" Rangel Instructional Designer II cgrangel@tamusa.edu
Evelyn Villarreal Instructional Designer II evillarr@tamusa.edu
Janelle Cavazos Instructional Designer II jmcavazo@tamusa.edu

CIO Team

Name Title Email
William Griffenberg CIO William.Griffenberg@tamusa.edu
Albert Ortiz Chief Technology Officer Albert.Ortiz@tamusa.edu
Daniel Rendon Manager, Customer Care Daniel.Rendon@tamusa.edu
Moises Carlos A/V Administrator Moises.Carlos@tamusa.edu
Jessica Nino Business Administrator III Jessica.Nino@tamusa.edu
Leigh Hill Administrative Coordinator Leigh.Hill@tamusa.edu
Lydia Harkey Accessibility Director Lydia.Harkey@tamusa.edu