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FAQs for Partners

Employer FAQs

  • What are the best ways of working with the Mays Center? Find out more here: Recruiting guidelines.
  • What are the best ways to connect with students on this campus? Connect with us by calling at (210) 784-1356 to discuss being a formal sponsor, which means you will be prominently marketed and have access to largescale events on-campus. You can also call to discuss your branding strategy and recruitment opportunities (fairs, programs, tabling) and schedule your interviews on-campus in our brand new interviewing rooms outfitted for you!
  • How can I connect with specific subpopulations (Veterans, Students with Disabilities, First-Generation College Students, etc.)? The Mays Center has a close relationship with student organizations and other offices and programs that serve various specific subpopulations across campus. We will be a connecting point in building out events for these groups and connecting you to those!
  • How can I expand “brand awareness” for my organization on your campus?
    • Mays Center Partners
    • Additional Opportunities
      • Table Recruiting, Interactive Programs, and Walk-in Mixer Events
        • Promote your job opportunities to students on-campus. The Mays Center will arrange for you to have a table or an active role in campus activities hosted for Jaguars! You may distribute company job applications or collect resumes to promote your organization. You can also order food for distribution if planned through the Mays Center in advance. We have a Community Room, which also has high-tech capabilities for these types of programs. These events are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Connect with us by calling at (210) 784-1356 to discuss your plan further.
        • Find out more here: Recruiting guidelines.
      • On-campus Interviews
        • The Mays Center provides private interview rooms and coordination of the scheduling process to assist you with candidate selection. One advantage of setting up an on-campus interview schedule is the posting can be set to screen applicants for specific criteria such as applicant type, GPA requirements, graduation date ranges, classifications, degrees, and majors. Connect with us by calling at (210) 784-1356 to discuss your plan further.
        • Find out more here: Recruiting guidelines.
      • Career Fairs & Expos
        • Introduce your company or organization to Jaguar students and alumni at Career Fairs and Expos! These events are ideal for recruiting students, prospective graduates, and alumni from diverse academic and employment backgrounds for your full-time degree, part-time, and internship opportunities! 
        • Group Mock Interviews
          • The job interview can be the most anxiety-provoking job search process. To help students better prepare, we seek employers who would like to share their interviewing expertise by facilitating mock interviews with students. Mock interviews will be conducted in a round-table setting with up to six students.
        • Externship Job Shadowing Program
          • The Extern Job Shadowing Program is a unique career exploration program linking students with professionals in the workplace. By hosting students, you play an active role in educating students about your career field and the workplace, including what skills, education, and experience are typically required for such careers. Extern placements last 1/2 a day to a full day.

For more information on these opportunities, please contact Karen Ivy, Director of Career Services, at or call our center at (210) 784-1356.