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Financial Responsibility Agreement

It is required that you read and agree to the conditions before being allowed to proceed with registration. This agreement notifies you of the payment options that are available.

Effective Fall 2018The University will be authorized to enroll you in an installment payment plan if you have paid at least 25% of the current semester's tuition and fees and dining dollars due on drop day. This will prevent you from being dropped from one or more of your classes and avoid the $363.00 reinstatement fee. Please read the full agreement details below. If you have questions, please contact Student Business Services (SBS) at (210) 784-2035.

At the time of registration for any semester or term, every student is required to accept the Texas A&M University-San Antonio Payment Terms Agreement below. If the Agreement is declined, you will not be allowed to register.


I Doe, John Q, acknowledge that registering for courses at Texas A&M University-San Antonio constitutes a financial obligation to the University. I understand that it is my responsibility to withdraw from the University by contacting the Office of the Registrar, prior to the first official University class day for any semester or term to avoid financial obligation.

Failure to pay fees, failure to accept or receive financial aid, failure to attend class or refusing financial aid does NOT constitute an official withdrawal from Texas A&M University-San Antonio.

I authorize the use of financial aid funds, and/or Title IV financial aid funds to pay for non-institutional charges (i.e. parking permits, parking fines, late fees, payment plan fees, etc…). I understand that I may rescind this authorization for non-financial aid non-institutional charges at any time by submitting written notice to Texas A&M University-San Antonio Student Business Services (SBS).

Financial Obligation Agreement

Section 54.007 of the Texas Education Code allows tuition and fees to either be paid in full before the beginning of the semester or be paid under an installment plan with an initial payment due before the beginning of the semester. Refer to the Student Business Services website Payment Options: SBS: Texas A&M University-San Antonio for detailed information on payment options and requirements of payment plans.

I agree to pay my tuition and fees by one of the two options stated in this agreement.

Option 1: Payment in full by personal funds (credit or debit card, cash, paper or electronic check, or money order), sponsored payments, or use financial aid to pay my balance in FULL on or before the payment due date established by the University.

Failure to pay in full will constitute automatic acceptance of the appropriate Deferred Payment Plan listed under OPTION 2.

Option 2: Deferred Payment Plan 4-Payment (Fall and Spring semesters) or 3-Payment (Summer). This payment plan covers tuition and mandatory fees plus any residence hall and dining dollars charges for resident hall students. An initial payment of 25% plus a $15 processing fee is due at the time of establishment of this plan.*  The remaining balance will be divided into three equal installment payments during Fall or Spring, or two equal payments during Summer and will be scheduled throughout the semester. A $15 late fee will be assessed for each installment payment that is not paid in full by its due date.

    • I acknowledge that by signing this agreement, Texas A&M University-San Antonio, has the right to enroll me in the 4-Payment (Fall/Spring) or 3-Payment (Summer) Installment Payment Option should I make the minimum required payment but fail to complete the online enrollment process through MoneyConnect.
    • I agree to pay the non-refundable $15 processing fee that will be assessed upon enrollment in this plan.

*Students with verified financial need may qualify for a financial need tuition loan up to 25% of tuition and mandatory fees to enroll in the Deferred Payment Plan. The $15 processing fee must be paid separately by the student.

I further understand the following:

    • My classes may be dropped for non-payment if I fail to choose or qualify for a payment option.
    • Other charges may add to or reduce my account balance due to adding or dropping classes, Financial Aid reversals, returned checks including e-checks, auxiliary charges, etc. If I am on an installment plan, the additional charges or reductions may alter my payments due. If I am not on an installment plan, or if the fees are not associated with the current semester, charges will be billed in full and payment will be required by the next University due date.
    • Full payments of tuition and fees not received on or before the established due dates are subject to a $35 late payment fee. 
    • Failure to make payments by the due dates may entitle Texas A&M University-San Antonio to withhold official transcripts, deny registration for subsequent semesters, and deny access to semester grades until the unpaid balance is paid in full. 
    • If I withdraw from the University, any refunds due are determined by the total costs for the semester and not the amount paid, and may not relieve all financial obligations I have incurred. 
    • Refunds due from drops, financial aid or scholarships will be applied towards any balance owed. 
    • If a check is returned unpaid, for any reason, by my banking institution, including electronic checks, I will be charged a $25.00 returned check fee. I also understand if I submit two or more checks to the University that have been returned unpaid, the University will no longer accept checks from me. 
    • The University will place for collection any delinquent balance and I will be responsible for all costs of collection and enforcement, including collection agency fees up to 30% of the debt, reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs, in addition to other amounts due.


I understand that if I am a sponsored student:

    • I am responsible for submitting to the SBS office any third party letter of credit or payment agreement at least one week prior to the beginning of a semester or term.
    • The University will apply advance credit to my student account, based on the terms of the letter/agreement. 
    • The University will bill the third party after the last day to withdraw from a semester or term and receive a refund. 
    • I am responsible for any portion of charges that are not paid by the third party and that the balance must be satisfied before I will be allowed to register for future semesters or receive official University documents. 
    • Receipt of third party benefits may affect my financial aid award and could result in an adjustment of the award. 

Electronic Business Agreement

Student Business Services utilizes electronic processes wherever possible to assure accuracy and to expedite business transactions.

I understand and accept that SBS:

    • Uses email as the primary means of notification. Failure to use and/or regularly check my official University email account and/or provide an active alternative email account will not limit my responsibility regarding information SBS attempts to send.
    • Uses electronic signatures for agreements and transactions, including promissory notes and payment agreements 
    • Sends all notifications electronically. This includes invoices, due date reminders, action required notifications, account transaction information, and direct deposit notices. I will not receive paper bills or notifications
    • May convert a paper check into an electronic check. 


I understand that:

    • Bankruptcy - The registration action constitutes a financial obligation between the student and Texas A&M University-San Antonio and all proceeds of this agreement will be used for educational purposes and constitute an educational loan pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 523(a) (8).
    • Collection Fees - Collection Agency Fees, not to exceed 30% of the principal balance, will be assessed on the unpaid balance of my account, after internal collection efforts have failed to result in the full payment of my account. My account will be sent to an outside collection agency and may be reported to one or more credit bureau reporting service(s).
    • The University is required to file a 1098T for any individual (nonresident aliens exempted) whom the University bills, or receives payment of, qualified tuition and related expenses during a calendar year. To issue a 1098T for my tuition and related expenses, the University is required to request my tax payer identification number (TIN or SSN). If I fail to submit my SSN or TIN upon request, I may be subject to IRS penalties.
    • State Warrant hold – Any balance not paid in full at the end of each term of enrollment is subject to being submitted to the State for a Warrant hold.
    • Choice of law/Venue selection – This agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with and pursuant to the laws of the state of Texas including, but not limited to, Texas Education Code § 51.967, Limitation on Educational Debt. 
    • Credit Bureau Reporting (Fair Credit Reporting Act) - The University reserves the right to report both positive and negative payment histories to credit-reporting agencies and may obtain a credit report on me at any time in the future to review my account.