Copy and Print Services is an on-campus print facility dedicated to providing quality products and services to our campus community. The purpose of a copy and print plan is to facilitate campus copying and printing solutions for a cost-effective operation. The Copy and Print Services Department manages campus copy/print solutions for students, faculty, staff, and guests. Copy and Print Services is exclusively for University business purposes. Access copy and printing solutions by swiping Jaguar ID cards at various printers throughout campus.

Copy/Print for Students

The University provides an initial balance of $25.00 for printing purposes to every currently registered student at the beginning of each semester. After this $25.00 allowance is exhausted, students must pay for all of their printing or copying charges. At the end of each semester, any remaining balance from the initial $25.00 allowance expires and will not carry over to the next semester.

Students may fund their Jaguar Cash plan utilizing cash or a major credit card. Cash deposits must be done utilizing any of the University ValuePort machines. Credit card deposits can be done by visiting the website and following the instructions. Click here for instructions.

The funds in the Jaguar Cash plan carry forward and only expire if the plan has not been used for a prior calendar year and the student is no longer a current registered student.

Printing Locations and Prices

Employee Printing

Employees are allowed to copy or print at any of the printing lcations on campus, releasing a job requires the employee has an ID card or they are granted rights to print directly to a printer location (this is handled when on onboarded with an IT request) There is no charge for the printing but it must be business related. 

Copy/print refunds

Copy/print refund procedures have been developed to provide great and consistent customer service while reducing cost and promoting a green environment.

Students and other customers may request a credit refund if a print job was defective. Printing jams, poor quality jobs, server network problems, or incomplete print jobs are considered defective print jobs. Flawed print jobs due to “user error” are non-refundable. Typos, printing of wrong document, printing too many pages of a document, improper usage of staplers, improper usage of hole puncher, forgetting to logout are considered "user errors." By default, and to save on costs, all print jobs are set to duplex (printing on both sides of the paper). Print jobs can be manually set to single-sided by the user.

All refunds are made as a credit back to the plan the funds were depleted from. All requests must be submitted in writing utilizing the form to request a printing credit. A form to request a printing credit is available to all University customers and may be picked up and dropped off at the ITS Helpdesk Office in CAB Room 233. The University Library may have this form available for pick up at their front desk. All submissions must include the completed Print Refund Request form and the entire defective printed job whenever possible. Requests for refunds must be submitted not later than 24-hours after malfunction occurred. Requests for refunds will be investigated and verified against printing records.

You may also download a print refund request form here.