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Spring Break Safety Bystander Intervention

A Bystander is anyone who observes an emergency or any situation where someone is in need of help. 'Bystander Intervention' is simply when a Bystander makes the decision to get involved and intervene in the situation.  YOU can get involved.

When to intervene

  • When you feel uncomfortable about what's going on. Trust your gut.
  • When you hear someone joking about sexual assault
  • When you hear degrading language
  • When someone is pressuring another person to drink
  • When it seems like someone is trying to have sex without their partner's consent
  • When someone is getting ready to have sex with an intoxicated person
  • When someone has been drinking too much, and you are concerned about their safety. Don't "guess" if they have alcohol poisoning. Get them some help.  Call 911 or have a sober driver take them to the emergency room.

Find a method that fits your style

  • The Divider: step in and separate the two people. Tell them why you're getting involved. Let them know you are trying to keep them safe! Find a way to help them get home.
  • The Interrupter: Distract them to get them to focus on something else. You may say things like "It's too hot in here! Let's get some fresh air!" or "I don't want to go to the bathroom by myself. Come with me!" or even "My friend text me about a better party going on somewhere else. Let's check it out." Find a statement that works for you and your personality. It may be easier to come up with one ahead of time, instead of trying to think on the spot.
  • The Evaluator: Evaluate the situation and people involved to figure out your best course of action. It may be that you directly intervene or you get some of their friends to come and help. If it doesn't seem to be working, step back and try a different approach.
  • The Recruiter: Get friends of both of the people to come help you, and step in as a big group.
  • The Disrupter: Distract one of the people, and have a buddy distract the other person. Commit a party foul, like spilling your drink, if needed.

Tips for intervening

  • Approach everyone as a friend
  • Don't be antagonistic (confrontational, looking for a fight, etc.)
  • Avoid using violence
  • Be honest and direct when possible
  • Recruit others to help you when needed
  • Keep yourself safe
  • If you are in over your head, if things get too serious, or if a situation needs more assistance than you can provide, don't hesitate to contact the police.


911Lifeline Law: The offenses of possession or consumption of alcohol by a minor do NOT apply to a minor who: reports the sexual assault of the minor or another person, or is the victim of a sexual assault reported by another person to:

(1) a health care provider treating the victim of the sexual assault;
(2) an employee of a law enforcement agency, including an employee of a campus police department of an institution of higher education; or
(3) the Title IX coordinator of an institution of higher education or another employee of the institution responsible for responding to reports of sexual assault.


     Look Out for Your Jaguar Family and Friends.
Have a safe and fun Spring Break!