A&M-SA Police Department

Office of Victim Services and Crime Prevention (OVS)

The Office of Victim Services and Crime Prevention (OVS) seeks to ensure that the victims of crime at the University become an integral part of the criminal justice system. Through education on the rights and services available to crime victims, collaboration with the University Police, and the Bexar County judicial system, the OVS believes that the voices of crime victims will become a necessary component of the justice system in this state. The primary goals of the OVS are to aid in reducing trauma to the crime victim; reduce the level of secondary injury associated with the aftermath of crime; and to aid in the prosecution of criminal cases by ensuring that crime victims and witnesses are provided with the entitlements and services mandated by the Crime Victims' Bill of Rights. The OVS provides a safe, private place for individuals who have questions or concerns about sexual assault, intimate partner violence, stalking, domestic violence, and any other crime to talk to a professional Victim Advocate, who are available to provide emotional support and help victims meet their immediate needs.

Office of Victim Services and Crime Prevention
Karen Tucker-Engel
Police Station, Rm 124
(210) 784-1906 


On and Off Campus Resources

On Campus

Student Counseling and Wellness                                                         (210) 784-1331

Title IX                                                                                                    (210) 784-2061

Student Rights and Responsibilities                                                      (210) 784-1353

A&M-San Antonio Police Department                                                    (210) 784-1900


Off Campus

San Antonio Police Department Victim Advocacy                                   (210) 207-2141 

Bexar County Victim Assistance                                                             (210) 335-2311 

Bexar County Family Justice Center                                                       (210) 631-0100

Battered Women & Children’s Shelter 24 hr. Hotline                              (210) 733-8810 

Rape Crisis Center 24 hr. Hotline                                                           (210) 349-7273 

Rape, Abuse & Incest Nat’l Network (RAINN)                                        (800) 656-4673 

Crime Victim Compensation                                                                   (800) 983-9933 

VINE, Victim Information and Notification Everyday                               (210) 335-6292