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First-Year Students

Is this your first time in college? If you have not attended a college or university and have no college coursework, you are considered a First-Year student. See your admissions process and details by clicking the button below.

Transfer Students

Let's finish your degree! If you have started taking course work at another college or institution and plan to transfer to A&M-SA, you have a whole transfer community ready for you. Click the button below for your admissions details.

Non-Traditional Students

If you are a non-degree seeking student or want to obtain your second degree, review the process and details by clicking the button below!

Returning Students

Ready to get back to your degree? Review the returning students process and details by clicking the button below.

International Students

Are you an international student? Click the button below to get your details on the items you'll need for admissions and other helpful resources.

PSA Students

The Program for System Admission (PSA) offers students the opportunity to enroll in a participating Texas A&M system school for one year with the intention of achieving guaranteed transfer admission to College Station upon successful completion of the program.

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Graduate Students Section
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Graduate Students