Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Study Abroad Programs

Students participating in study abroad programs offered by A&M-San Antonio’s Office of The Provost are eligible to apply for and potentially receive the various types of aid offered by the A&M–San Antonio’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid including grants, scholarships, and loans. Study abroad students must meet all eligibility requirements.

 A statement that a student’s enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by the home institution may be considered enrollment at the home institution for the purpose of applying for assistance under the FSA programs.

The Cost of Attendance (COA) may increase by the amount reported to the Scholarship and Grant Coordinator by the Office of the Provost as being the student’s cost of the program.  Students must submit a Financial Aid Revision Form to request additional aid if eligible to the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid.

Federal aid is typically available on the first day of on-campus classes, and cannot be disbursed earlier, regardless of the study abroad program dates. If you depart before aid is disbursed, you will need to plan accordingly. Students will be responsible for paying all deposits and program fees required upfront by the program office.