Fraternity & Sorority Life at Texas A&M University-San Antonio

Texas A&M University-San Antonio is taking steps to grow our current fraternity and sorority life community by re-convening the Fraternity/ Sorority Expansion Committee. The purpose of this committee is to ensure that the expansion of fraternity and sorority life at A&M-San Antonio is conducive to the university's mission and values. The goal of the fraternity/sorority expansion process is to invite new sororities and fraternities to establish chapters on our campus.

Fraternities and sororities support the enhancement of student learning through activities encouraging leadership development, organizational management, interpersonal and group dynamics, social development, philanthropic spirit, career development, and academic achievement. These organizations can be a valuable component of the undergraduate experience.

The Expansion/Extension Committee shall consist of the following:

  • Fraternity/Sorority Life Advisor (Chair)
  • A Delegate from each chapter of The All-Greek Council
  • Dean of Students or their designee
  • Staff Representative
  • Faculty Representative


Expansion/Extension Process

Please Note:

The university will not recognize local fraternities or sororities as members of the Fraternity & Sorority Life community.

Expansion/extension for a fraternity/sorority is not automatic, "campus crashing" or forming a group of interested students without the approval of The Office of Student Life or by the Inter/National headquarters will not be tolerated.

If you are interested in expanding your organization to Texas A&M University-San Antonio, please address the following in your application:

  1. History of organization
  2. Administrative and volunteer support structure, including advisory support
  3. Criteria for membership
  4. General organizational statistics
  5. Copies of the inter/national organization's risk management policy, including hazing, alcohol and substance abuse, and health education
  6. Policies or statements relating to the inter/national organization's relationship with the host institution
  7. Policies on academic emphasis and scholarship programs
  8. Copies of programming related to the new member process, member education, and leadership development
  9. GPA requirements for members and leaders
  10. Information regarding community service programs, including information about the organization's inter/national philanthropy
  11. Financial obligations of chapter members, including new member dues, fees, and estimation of chapter dues
  12. Description of the assistance provided by the inter/national organization to a new colony, including financial support, alumnae support, and a list of collegiate and alumnae chapters in the region
  13. Detailed statistics regarding the number of alumnae within a 60-mile radius
  14. Colonization requirements and proposed timeline
  15. If applicable, support the inter/national organization for future chapter housing.
  16. Any other information you would like to provide

Exploratory visits will be allowed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cristina Dominguez, Assistant Director, Student Life, at or 210-784-1329.



Spring 2023:

  • A&M-SA is open for fraternity/sorority expansion.
  • Interested organizations will submit information packets to the committee to review
  • Committee will review packets as they are received, and selected organizations will be invited to present on campus (March/April 2023)
  • The committee will make the final selection, and organizations will be notified (May 2023)

Fall 2023: Invited organization begins recruitment.


Materials will be due to Cristina Dominguez. Digital, preferably PDF format, is preferred.